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The Iliad and The Odyssey by Geordie Productions

Illiad excerpt from late 5th or early 6th century AD.jpgGeordie Productions take the whole family on two epic journeys this spring.

They're following in the footsteps of the Greek poet Homer with their own versions of The Iliad and The Odyssey.

The plays take us back to the ancient Western world, to the time of the legendary Trojan War. We meet great warriors like Achilles and Hector and interfering gods and the beautiful Helen of Troy, and we follow Odysseus as he struggles to get back home after the War.

The Iliad and The Odyssey aren't easy stories to tell, and they take a lot of actors!  But Geordie Theatre has taken up the challenge.

Dean Patrick Fleming is the artistic director of the theatre company. He also directs the second of the two plays, The Odyssey. Micheline Chevrier directs The Iliad. They join Sonali Karnick in studio to talk about the original Game of Thrones - the family version.

**The Iliad runs from April 4-13 at Centaur Theatre in Montreal. The Odyssey is on stage from May 9 to 18.

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Sugar shack treats and lumberjack games in Verdun

Urban sugar shack on Wellington.jpgNo doubt about it - maple is the flavour of the month in Quebec.
And even those who can't get their maple fix at a sugar shack in the woods, can find one in the city.

This weekend, one of the biggest of those urban cabanes à sucre is spreading out over four blocks in Verdun. It's the annual Sugar Shack - and they're inviting everyone to join them on Wellington street to play - and eat - like a lumberjack.

Clara Barron is the co-owner of Blackstrap BBQ in Verdun, and the spokesperson for the Sonali Karick in studio just before the event gets underway.

**The Sugar Shack event gets underway today and tomorrow from 11am to 5pm on Wellington street.
That's between de L'Église and Gordon streets, just outside of the De L'Église métro station.

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Sugaring off at Sucrerie de la montagne

Pierre Faucher at Sucrerie de la Montagne.jpgThe maple syrup season is officially underway. So we thought we'd check in with one of Quebec's many sugar shacks.

The Sucrerie de la Montagne in Rigaud is one of our best known cabanes à sucre.

It's a designated Quebec Heritage site because it offers the full, traditional sugaring-off experience.

You get the horse-drawn sleighs, maple taffy on snow, and the full traditional meal from pea soup to tourtieres, and crispy fried pork rings - and lots of maple syrup.  It's also located in the middle of 120-acre forest of century-old maples atop Mont Rigaud.

Pierre Faucher has owned and operated the place for more than 35 years. Sonali Karnick calls him up to talk about the maple season so far (and to find out how who's buying his maple perfume!).

(Photo of Pierre Faucher at work in the sugar shack; submitted by Sucrerie de la montagne)


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