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Cookbook Club: October 2012 Archives

The Cookbook Club launch

Sunday Brunch cookbook.jpgWe often talk with cookbook authors and restaurant owners and chefs on this show, since food's such an important part of weekends. Now, we'd like to invite some home cooks to join us on the show too.

We're calling this our Cookbook Club.

Each month, we'll send out a new cookbook to two people - anywhere in Quebec - so they can try some of the recipes at home. Then we'll call our reviewers up at home or invite them back to the studio to talk about what they thought of the cookbook, good or bad. 


Fast Flavours cookbook.jpgBack to Baking cookbook.jpgJonathan Cheung, the resident chef and owner of Westmount cookbook store Appetite for Books,  talked with host Sonali Karnick about the first three books our club members will try at home.


If you're interested in being a reviewer (and getting a free cookbook), drop us a line at Tell us which of the books you'd like to review and why.

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Burma: Rivers of Flavor

Burma book.jpgRudyard Kipling once wrote: "This is Burma. It's quite unlike any place you know about."

Burma is still pretty mysterious for most of us, but interest is growing. The New York Times says its the new exotic travel location for 2012.  

Award-winning cookbook author Naomi Duguid has spent her career highlighting the flavours and traditions of Asia, from The Seductions of Rice to Beyond the Great Wall. 

In her latest cookbook, she sheds light on Burmese cooking. Burma: Rivers of Flavor has plenty of recipes,  as well her trademark beautiful photographs and stories about life in this country bordered by India, China, Laos and Thailand. Naomi spoke, in-studio with Sonali Karnick.

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Modern Flavours of Arabia

Modern flavours of Arabia.jpgSome new flavours to explore today for this week's food item....

Suzanne Husseini is the former host of one of the most popular cooking shows in Middle East - and one of the judges on Top Chef Middle East.

Her new cookbook - her first North American cookbook - is called Modern Flavors of Arabia.

It's a beautifully illustrated book featuring chapters on breakfast, lunch and dinner - along with snack plates called 'mezze'.

There are traditional Arabian foods with modern twists. And ingredients like saffron, cinnamon, pine nuts, pistachios, dates, oranges, and sesame.

You can practically taste it.

Suzanne Husseini emigrated with her family to Canada as a young girl. She now divides her time between Ottawa and Dubai. (*Click here for recipes she talked about today.) 

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