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Bowser and Blue pay tribute to allophones

Bowser and Blue by Aislin.jpgTurbans, pasta, corruption. . . .there's a lot to talk about in Quebec in recent months. It's just fuel for fire for Bowser and Blue.

They've spent 35 years singing about Quebec's controversies and peculiarities - and they can't very well slow down now. With songs like "It ain't easy being white", "Les Deux Guidounes" and "We Are Townshippers", they make taboos into comic songs.

The duo has just released a new one about one of Quebec's three linguistic groups -- allophones. (See their new video, with cartoons and graphics by Aislin.)  They join Sonali Karnick in-studio.

(Bowser and Blue by Aislin; courtesy of Bowser and Blue)

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