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Comedy: June 2013 Archives

Single Black Female at Fringe Festival

Single Black Female photo.jpgLast weekend, we heard about single male dating angst as portrayed in two shows in the Montreal Fringe Festival. Today, we get the other side of the equation.

Single Black Female is a two-woman show by Nu Spyce Productions. Letitia Brookes and Gara Nlandu play two smart, middle class single women in their 30s searching for love and respect. Along the way, they morph into meddling aunts and ex-lovers as they air their views on internet dating, marriage, careers, kids, and racial biases.

An early review of Single Black Female says it's a witty, must-see production at the Fringe.

Letitia Brookes not only plays different parts, she's also the director and producer. She and her co-star Gara Nlandu join Sonali Karnick in-studio. (Photo courtesy of Nu Spyce Productions.)

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Bowser and Blue pay tribute to allophones

Bowser and Blue by Aislin.jpgTurbans, pasta, corruption. . . .there's a lot to talk about in Quebec in recent months. It's just fuel for fire for Bowser and Blue.

They've spent 35 years singing about Quebec's controversies and peculiarities - and they can't very well slow down now. With songs like "It ain't easy being white", "Les Deux Guidounes" and "We Are Townshippers", they make taboos into comic songs.

The duo has just released a new one about one of Quebec's three linguistic groups -- allophones. (See their new video, with cartoons and graphics by Aislin.)  They join Sonali Karnick in-studio.

(Bowser and Blue by Aislin; courtesy of Bowser and Blue)

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Gandell and Harris at the Montreal Fringe Fest

the-balding-poster-may-24-2013.jpgThe St-Ambroise Montreal Fringe Festival is back with its usual wild variety of shows - 111 this year.

The biggest category at the Fringe is English-language comedy, and this morning Sonali Karnick speaks with the creators of two of those one-man shows.

Jeff Gandell is a Montreal storyteller and teacher.
His show "The Balding" tells the tale of how he started losing his hair in his early twenties - and how he tries to stop the process by losing his virginity.

Verbal Diarrhea poster.jpgGerard Harris is a British storyteller,  and creator of this year's Fringe show "Verbal Diarrhea or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Bomb at Love."  His own comic quest is to find out what happened to dating. Jeff and Gerard join Sonali Karnick in studio.


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