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Rooster of St-Victor, made-in-Quebec animation

Maire et coq à vélo.jpgA new Quebec animated film is coming out, just in time for March Break. It's called Le Coq de St-Victor - or, in its English version, The Rooster of St-Victor.

It's set in a village in the Charlevoix, where laziness is not encouraged. The rooster in St Victor gets everyone going in the morning, and the mayor credits him with making the village so prosperous.But the rooster's 5am wake-up call - weekends and holidays included - gets on people's nerves. Soon there are cries of 'put him in the stew pot! And the rooster goes on the lam.

Le Coq de St-Victor is based on a children's book by Quebec author Johanne Mercier.
Nancy Florence Savard produced the animated film version. The film company Productions 10eme avenue, is based in Ste Augustin de Desmaures, near Quebec City.
And that's where we called up Nancy Florence Savard.

(Image courtesy of Productions 10eme Avenue)

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