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Wrebbit3D's new puzzles:Taj Mahal, Hobbits

WREBBIT HOBBIT PUZZLE.JPGThe 3D puzzles that were pioneered by the Quebec company Wrebbit in the early 90s are back.

From 1991 to 2005,  Wrebbit's 3D puzzles made a billion dollars in retail sales worldwide.

Then the company's assets were sold to the American toy company Hasbro and the puzzles pretty much disappeared from the market.

Paul Gallant, the founder of Wrebbit and the inventor of the puzzles, died last year. But his former right-hand man, Jean Th├ęberge, believed 3D puzzles still had potential and he fought to get back the patents.

Now he's the president of the new Wrebbit3D, and there's a whole new line of 3D puzzles: from a 3D Taj Mahal to puzzles based on the upcoming film trilogy The Hobbit (above, the Hobbit village; photo courtesy of Wrebbit3D). And they're no longer made in China: they're entirely made in Quebec and Ontario.

Jean Theberge spoke with Sonali in studio.

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