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Marathon runner David Carroll's first novel: "Ultra"

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The Montreal Marathon swept through the city last weekend. It's a huge challenge for everyone involved. David Carroll runs ULTRA-marathons.  Those involve running or walking distances that are greater than a marathon - 50 k, 100k, 100 miles.  There's actually one next weekend, the Tour du Massif in the Laurentians.

David Carroll has run six 100-mile ultra-marathons. That's 161 km.  And then he wrote a novel about them, from the point of view of a 13-year-old boy. It's titled Ultra. David is also an award-winning CBC producer.
He spoke with us from our Toronto studio.

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The detective wore lipstick and "The Courier Wore Shorts"

Courier Wore Shorts.JPG
Some people don't take rejection well.  In Sheila Kindellan-Sheehan's new mystery novel, a literary agent's rejection letter leads to a brutal attack and turns into a high-profile case.

The Courrier Wore Shorts is Kindellan-Sheehan's 8th novel. She's the author of six other murder-mystery novels.  Her name may sound familiar to some of you for another reason: Sheila was also an English teacher in Quebec high schools.  She also taught host Sonali Karnick for a couple of years.  Sheila Kindellan-Sheehan came by the "All In A Weekend" studio. 

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Michael Smith: Back to Basics cookbook

Back to Basics.jpg

One of the biggest names in the culinary world got his big break in a small place.

 Chef Michael Smith is originally from New York but it wasn't until he started at the Inn at Bay Fortune on Prince Edward Island that his career really started to take off.

 He's the host of five cooking shows on the Food Network and author of several best-selling cookbooks.
          His no-nonsense approach has won over many home cooks.
 His latest cookbook is called Back to Basics: 100 simple classic recipes with a twist.

 All six foot seven of chef Michael Smith is in studio with me.

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