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Books: August 2013 Archives

How the Light Gets In: Louise Penny's latest

How the Light Gets In cover.jpgIt's the moment her fans have been waiting for. Louise Penny's latest Chief Inspector Gamache mystery is hitting bookstores this week.

Louise Penny is an award-winning Quebec mystery writer. Her books regularly pop up on the New York Times best-seller list.

Her latest book - the ninth - is called How The Light Gets In. And this time, the stakes are even higher for the Chief Inspector.

This book brings some long-standing plot lines to a the breaking point. It's so exciting - but we can't tell you anything!

Or maybe Louise can.

Louise Penny joins Elizabeth Robertson in studio.

*There's a book launch in Knowlton at 2pm today (Sat) at Centre Lac Brome.

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Immortality, by Adam Leith Gollner

Immortality cover.jpgAdam Leith Gollner is the Montreal author of the best-selling book The Fruit Hunters -  a globe-trotting exploration into exotic fruits and the people who love them.

In his latest book, he's exploring the universal obsession with living forever. It's a quest that takes us through time and place - from the Fountain of Youth, to Botox, from ancient religions, to magician David Copperfield's private islands.

Adam Leith Gollner's new book is titled Immortality: The Science, Belief, and Magic Behind Living Forever 

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