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Books: November 2012 Archives

Melanie Watt's "Scaredy Squirrel"

scaredy squirrel prepares for christmas.jpgThe annual book fest (or feast) known as the Salon du Livre is on in Montreal. Most of the books are in French, but at least one of the authors you can visit today is perfectly bilingual - and so are her books.

Mélanie Watt writes and illustrates the very popular children's book series about a character named Scaredy Squirrel. He's also become a TV series.

This holiday season, Mélanie Watt has a new book out called Scaredy Squirrel Prepares for Christmas. Mélanie spoke with Sonali Karnick about Scaredy, as well as about Mélanie's more confident creation, Chester the cat.

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Nick Malgieri's Bread

Bread.jpgAward-winning pastry chef Nick Malgieri returns to the All in a Weekend studio this morning.

His latest book Bread includes a range of recipes, for everything from sourdough loaves, to pita bread to spinach and roquefort bread pudding.

Nick is the former executive pastry chef at the New York City's "destination" restaurant Windows on the World. He's the author of several books including Modern Baker, Perfect Cakes and Chocolate.
He now directs the baking program at the Insitute of Culinary Education in New York  - when he isn't writing cookbooks.

 Nick will be at the Westmount bookstore Appetite for Books later today.

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Girls Night Out for mothers and daughters

There are many different ways to have a night out with the girls. But the Jewish Public Library in Montreal gives it their own spin with their annual Girls Night Out event.

It's for mothers and daughters. And it involves, of course, books.

book-fallen2.jpgNext Sunday night, mothers and daughters will be heading out to see the author of the popular young-adult fantasy series Fallen.  Characters include fallen angels  - and even an evil librarian!

To tell us more about the evening, we invited in another sort of librarian, Penny Fransblow. She's head of the children's section of the Jewish Public Library - and one of the people who started Girls Night Out. Joy Melnick, one of this year's co-chairs for Girls Night Out, joined her in-studio with Sonali Karnick.

For reservations for next Sunday, you can call:

514-345-2627 ext 3159

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