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Monkey Ranch: Julie Bruck's new book of poetry

Monkey Ranch.jpgThe latest book of poetry by Julie Bruck grabs your attention with the cover-art first.

There's a baby monkey in a dress and a big blue polka-dot ribbon on her head.

She looks smart - and human - and she's looking straight at us. Hmmm...

The collection of poems is called Monkey Ranch.

And it's filled with stories about the small dramas of everyday life - set against the big chaotic world.

The Globe and Mail calls Julie Bruck's prose poems "deceptively chatty" - and  "poetically powerful."
Or as a fellow poet said: "she sees everything we do; she just seems to see it wiser."

Julie is a former Montrealler, now based in San Francisco. But she's back in town and in our studio this morning.

**Check out this link, if you're interested in the Trois Rivières poetry festival this weekend.

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