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Stress, Part 5: stress and social status (and teens)

Well-stressed.jpgIt's time for Part 5 of our series on stress - how we figure out what stresses us and what we can do about chronic stress.

Dr Sonia Lupien is the founder and director of the Centre for Studies on Human Stress in Montreal, which combines research with public outreach.

Dr Lupien is also a professor of psychiatry at the Université de Montreal. Her latest book is called "Well Stressed: Manage Stress Before It Turns Toxic."

This week, Dr Lupien will take a look at our how our social status - particularly in the case of teenagers - affects our stress levels.


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An Illustrated History of Quebec

illustrated history.jpgBetween student protests and the election, this year has already been an historical one for Quebec - and it's not even over yet.

This kind of excitement and controversy is pretty much par for the course, however. A new book on the history of this province proves it.

An Illustrated History of Quebec: Tradition and Modernity takes us from the fur trade to the soccer player who made headlines for wearing a hijab.

Concordia professor Peter Gossage and J.I. Little from Simon Fraser University are the authors.

Peter Gossage spoke with Sonali Karnick about what is in the book and what he had to leave out.

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Monkey Ranch: Julie Bruck's new book of poetry

Monkey Ranch.jpgThe latest book of poetry by Julie Bruck grabs your attention with the cover-art first.

There's a baby monkey in a dress and a big blue polka-dot ribbon on her head.

She looks smart - and human - and she's looking straight at us. Hmmm...

The collection of poems is called Monkey Ranch.

And it's filled with stories about the small dramas of everyday life - set against the big chaotic world.

The Globe and Mail calls Julie Bruck's prose poems "deceptively chatty" - and  "poetically powerful."
Or as a fellow poet said: "she sees everything we do; she just seems to see it wiser."

Julie is a former Montrealler, now based in San Francisco. But she's back in town and in our studio this morning.

**Check out this link, if you're interested in the Trois Rivières poetry festival this weekend.

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