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Books: April 2012 Archives

Peter Hobbs: In the Orchard, the Swallows

in the orchard.jpgAuthor Peter Hobbs joins us to talk about his new short novel "In the Orchard, the Swallows." The Guardian describes it as "a beautiful, often painful, journey of a young man's doomed yearning for love".

The orchard in the title of this 'perfectly cut jewel of a book' is in northern Pakistan, where the swallows wheel over the branches of pomegranate trees. It is the former home of the main character, a nameless man punished with years in prison because of his love for the daughter of a powerful man. He returns home to recover - and deal with his past.

Peter Hobbs wrote this story in Montreal, though he's actually from England. He launched the book in town this week and dropped by our studio.

(Click here for a recent review of the book.)

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1000 awesome things

thebookofevenmoreawesome.jpgFour years ago,  Neil Pasricha started blogging each week about one awesome thing in his life.   He dedicated himself to coming up with 1000 awesome things.  Things got awesome-er.  His list turned into 2 best-selling books and a speaking tour.  This week, he finally put the last item on the list. Neil Pasricha spoke with Sonali Karnick.
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Mmmm....La Tartine Gourmande

la-tartine-gourmande-book-small.jpgBeatrice Peltre grew up in France in a food culture.

Then she travelled the world and became known to her friends as the French girl who talks about food all the time.

When she later set down roots in Boston, the food writer, stylist, and photographer started a food blog. A cookbook soon followed.

La Tartine Gourmande: Recipes for an Inspired Life is full of beautiful pictures and food that aims to be healthful - but above all, delicious. (It's also good for people who have problems with gluten.)

 Beatrice Peltre spoke to Sonali in our studio.

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