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Animals: June 2013 Archives

Songbird rehab at Le Nichoir

LeNichoir grackel.JPG
Earlier this week, Sonali Karnick took a trip out to Le Nichoir in Hudson.
If you live in the West Island, you may already know that it's the largest rehabilitation centre for songbirds in Canada. The birds are brought in mostly by the public who have come across injured or abandoned birds, or birds that are found nesting in the wrong place. 
The centre holds an annual Garden Party fundraiser on June 27th, which has already sold out. But there's an open house on July 13th where the public can see just where all the chirping and quacking is coming from.
LeNichoir ducklings.JPG
Sonali got a preview, with Le Nichoir's exectuive director and primary wildlife biologist Susan Wylie.
Susan took her around to see where most of the birds and ducks, babies and adults, get evaluated when they're brought in.
(Photos by Sonali Karnick)
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