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A TRUE STORY- A message in a bottle

It's the stuff of novels and stories...
you're walking along the beach--gathering shells and you come across a bottle.  and ....yes...there's a message in it.
it feels like a dream right?
well for one boy that dream became a reality.

Oisin Millea lives in Passage East, Ireland.
last fall , he was walking along the shore near his home when he came across a bottle with a message in it written in french.
after much effort  he finally figured out where it came from. turns out... it came from Quebec.
nine years earlier, two young girls on holiday in the GaspĂ© had tossed it in the water.  he tracked down (the now grown up) girls and skyped  them.
that was in October.

Now, Oisin is here with his mom Aiofe as guest of Tourism Quebec.
And over the next two weeks they'll be travelling across the province.
And Elizabeth Roberston caught up with them. This is guaranteed to make you smile.

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