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Louis Cyr, strongest man in the world

Louis-Cyr with horses.jpgThe movie Louis Cyr: l'homme le plus fort du monde comes to Quebec cinemas on July 12th. But many Quebeckers no longer know much about the famous strongman and circus entrepreneur.

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Louis Cyr was known as the strongest man in the world. He was capable of amazing feats of strength, like lifting 500 pounds with 3 fingers or hoisting a platform carrying 18 men on his back. In another of his signature feats, he stood between two - and even two pairs of horses -- holding them in place as they tried to pull away.

Louis Cyr raised himself up from abject poverty, and became a folk hero to French Canadians. And now there's a movie about him, starring Antoine Bertrand. Daniel Roby is the director, and he joins Elizabeth Robertson in-studio.

(Photo courtesy of Seville Films)

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Blockbuster movies from South Korea

Korean film fest Architecture.jpgTen critically acclaimed, blockbuster movies that you've probably never heard of are coming to Montreal.

You've never heard of them because they're from South Korea.

This first edition of the Korean Film Festival is organized by Montreal Ciné-Asie. For most of us, it's a rare look into the Korean film industry.

The showcase begins this week.

Mi-Jeong Lee is the founder of Ciné-Asie and the director of the Korean Film Festival. She joins Elizabeth Robertson in-studio.


(Left, poster of Korean film Architecture; courtesy of Korean Film Festival)

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Tourism Quebec: Sunday

Micheline Lachance of Tourism Quebec is back with suggestions for outings and adventures across the province:

Festival de la truite mouchetée (Saint-Alexis-des-Monts, Mauricie)
Through July 1rst

Mondial Loto-Québec de Laval  (Laval)
Through July 7th

A table - Food Film Festival (Jardins de Métis, Gaspésie)
Through Monday

For further details on activities and making accomodation reservations, go to or call toll-free: 1 877-Bonjour (1-877-266-5687).

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Royal Baby Pool at Bramble House

Will and Kate (Reuters).jpgIf you love British food and other imports,  you may have dropped by the Bramble House in Pointe-Claire.

You may even have signed up for the Bramble House newsletter, so you know when different specialty goods have arrived - or to enjoy the humour and the stories about the shop.

Recently, along with the news that the crisps are in, and the kippers and smoked haddock, you would have read that there's a little friendly competition. You can win a gift basket by guessing the day and time that the Royal Baby will be born.

Diane Hodges runs the store and the contest. She joins Elizabeth Robertson on the phone from Pointe-Claire. (Photo by Chris Jackson/Reuters)

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Midsummer Night's Magic

Midsummer poster.jpgShakespeare is coming back to parks around Montreal - and beyond - thanks to Repercussion Theatre.

The company has been staging Shakespeare's plays - outdoors, for free! - for 25 years. This year, their very first show will take place in the Gaspé at the Reford Gardens in Grand Métis. The gardens are the perfect setting for this year's play: A Midsummer Night's Dream.

The story takes place in a forest. Four young lovers are running after each other and away from overbearing parents, and a troupe of amateur actors gathers in a clearing to rehearse their new production. Little do they know, the forest is full of fairies. Not just any fairies-- the king and queen of the fairies, Oberon and Titania are there. And they're in the middle of a pretty nasty quarrel. Over the course of the play, the magical world spills over into the human world, and chaos ensues.

In the midst of that chaos are Alain Goulem and Paul Hopkins. Paul is the artistic director of Repercussion Theatre. Alain is an actor playing the part of one of the actors, Bottom. They talk about the joys of Shakespeare in the Park with Elizabeth Robertson.

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Mirella Amato: selecting beer for barbecues

799px-Beer_in_glass_close_up.jpgIt's another long weekend-- a good time for barbecues and beer. And while Mirella Amato is no expert griller, she sure knows her way around a beer fridge. 

Mirella is Canada's only Master Cicerone -- a beer sommelier. She curates the website

On this Canada Day weekend, she joins Elizabeth Robertson to talk about how to select the beer for our barbecues.

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Tourism Quebec: Saturday

Micheline Lachance from Tourism Quebec is here with some ideas for what to do across the province today:

Laurentians Classical Festival (Laurentides)
Through August 31rst

Woodstock en Beauce (Saint-Éphrem-de-Beauce, Chaudière-Appalaches)
Through Sunday
Pow Wow international de Wendake  (Québec)
Through Sunday

For further details on activities and making accomodation reservations, go to or call toll-free: 1 877-Bonjour (1-877-266-5687).

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Songbird rehab at Le Nichoir

LeNichoir grackel.JPG
Earlier this week, Sonali Karnick took a trip out to Le Nichoir in Hudson.
If you live in the West Island, you may already know that it's the largest rehabilitation centre for songbirds in Canada. The birds are brought in mostly by the public who have come across injured or abandoned birds, or birds that are found nesting in the wrong place. 
The centre holds an annual Garden Party fundraiser on June 27th, which has already sold out. But there's an open house on July 13th where the public can see just where all the chirping and quacking is coming from.
LeNichoir ducklings.JPG
Sonali got a preview, with Le Nichoir's exectuive director and primary wildlife biologist Susan Wylie.
Susan took her around to see where most of the birds and ducks, babies and adults, get evaluated when they're brought in.
(Photos by Sonali Karnick)
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Alfred Pellan: In the studio

2013-06-12_IL_114.jpgThis summer, you can get a peek into the private world of one of Quebec's most famous artists, Alfred Pellan.

Alfred Pellan grew up and studied art in Quebec City in the 1920s, until he won Quebec's first fine arts scholarship and went to study in Paris. He stayed there until 1940, rubbing elbows with Picasso and Dali and Miro.

Once he got back home, his cubist and surrealist work made waves in the traditional art scene of Quebec.
But he had trouble selling his work. Pellan retired to his home in Laval with his young wife Madeleine, and their forty years together changed his art - according to the new exhibit at the Musée National des Beaux-Arts du Québec.

"Alfred Pellan: In the studio" displays paintings, sketches, love letters and playful objects  -- all coming from a massive legacy left to the museum by his widow. That gift makes the Quebec City museum the largest depository of Pellan's work in the province.

Anne Eschapasse is director of exhibitions for the museum. She talks about the playful side of Pellan that emerges from the new collection. (Photo courtesy of MNBAQ)

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Hiking Trails of Montreal and Beyond

HTMontréal-2013.jpgQuebec is a hiker's paradise for Michael Haynes. He's hiked in every province in Canada, fifteen states in the U.S., Australia, and several countries in Europe and Asia. He's also written extensively about hiking, and he says that the trail network in this province is the most extensive in Eastern Canada. We also have more mountainous hikes within a 90-minute drive of Montreal than any Canadian city east of Calgary - apart from Quebec City. The mystery, for him, is why so few anglophone hikers seem to know about it.

Michael Haynes has just published another of his Canadian hiking guides - now, for the first time, about the trails of Montreal, Laval, Lanaudière, the Laurentians, Montérégie, and the Eastern Townships. It's titled "Hiking Trails of Montreal and Beyond."

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Taking Back Time Pt 4: pleasure

the-slow-fix.jpgSlowin' down and feelin' groovy... That's what we're going to talk about today, in the fourth (and final) part of our series Taking Back Time. The CBC's Elizabeth Robertson has been speaking to Carl Honoré. He's an author, journalist, and the guy who put the Slow Movement on the map.

Over the last few weeks, we've heard what he has to say about slowing down at work and with our families, as well as how to take a slow approach to our health.
(If you missed those conversations, you can find them on our webpage by the way.)

Today, Elizabeth and Sonali Karnick talk about slowing down and... pleasure.

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Tourism Quebec: Sunday

Lots of variety again this weekend:  medieval markets, an Iron-Man competition and lots of laughs. Micheline Lachance from Tourism Quebec is here with her picks.

Ironman 70.3 Mont-Tremblant (Laurentides)
On today

MédiéValestries (Waterville, Eastern Townships)
On today

Festival Grand Rire (Québec City)
On today

For further details on activities and making accomodation reservations, go to: Or call toll-free at 1 877-Bonjour (1-877-266-5687). 

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Montreal's Mosaicultures Internationales

mosaicultures.jpgSome of us plant flower boxes of geraniums. Those of us with a real flair plant complex arrangements in their flower beds - thinking about colours and design, shading and shapes. But the art of mosaiculture is all that on steroids. It turns plants into monumental horticultural sculptures.

Fifty of these massive sculptures are on display, as of today, at Montreal's botanical gardens.

It's the Mosaïcultures Internationales Montréal 2013 competition, which brings together mosaiculture artists from 20 countries. Montreal last hosted the event 10 years ago, but it launched the first one in 2000. Lise Cormier was there.
She's the founder of the prestigious competition and president of the International Mosaiculture Committee,  She speaks with Sonali Karnick from the Botanical gardens, where the event gets underway this morning.

(Photo courtesy of Mosaicultures Internationales de Montréal)

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Derek's Kitchen: potato salad and Portugese chicken

potato_salad.jpgWe've got two long, holiday weekends in a row, and many of us will be getting together with friends and family for barbecues or potlucks.

To help us prepare the table for the Fête Nationale and Canada Day, Derek Bocking joins us once again with recipes - and food - in hand.

Derek is the sous-chef at the Montreal restaurant, Chez Ma Grosse Truie Cherie. His own website (where you can find today's recipes) is called Derek's Kitchen.


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Nisha Patel on loyalty cards


Whether you're buying clothes, shampoo or groceries, it seems every retailer has its own loyalty program. According to a 2012 survey, more than 90 percent of Canadian consumers belong to at least one loyalty program -- and we hold an average of four cards in our wallets.

CBC News business reporter - and our personal finance columnist - Nisha Patel talks with Sonali Karnick about how to get the most out of these cards.


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The Hound of the Baskervilles on-stage

Hound of the Basdkervilles original cover.jpgThe Hound of the Baskervilles is one of the most popular crime novels ever. It's the case of a legendary curse involving a gigantic, supernatural hound and the doomed Baskerville family. Detective Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson are hired to investigate - and dark things happen on the foggy moor.

The Hound of the Baskervilles is getting a bit of a makeover this summer at Theatre Lac Brome in Knowlton. They're bringing out its funny side.

The play opens next Saturday night for its summer run. Director Andrea Boyd speaks with Sonali Karnick about their take on the original.


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Tourism Quebec: Saturday

More great festivals to check out this weekend -- celebrating anything from classical music to fireworks and an international air show. Micheline Lachance from Tourism Quebec brings us the details.

Festival International du Domaine Forget (Charlevoix)
Through August 25th

Bagotville International Air Show (Ville Saguenay Bagotville district, Saguenay, Lac St-Jean)
Through Sunday

L'International des Feux Loto-Québec presented by TELUS   (La Ronde, Montréal) 
Through August 3rd

For further details on activities and making accomodation reservations, go to: Or call toll-free at 1 877-Bonjour (1-877-266-5687).


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Single Black Female at Fringe Festival

Single Black Female photo.jpgLast weekend, we heard about single male dating angst as portrayed in two shows in the Montreal Fringe Festival. Today, we get the other side of the equation.

Single Black Female is a two-woman show by Nu Spyce Productions. Letitia Brookes and Gara Nlandu play two smart, middle class single women in their 30s searching for love and respect. Along the way, they morph into meddling aunts and ex-lovers as they air their views on internet dating, marriage, careers, kids, and racial biases.

An early review of Single Black Female says it's a witty, must-see production at the Fringe.

Letitia Brookes not only plays different parts, she's also the director and producer. She and her co-star Gara Nlandu join Sonali Karnick in-studio. (Photo courtesy of Nu Spyce Productions.)

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Bowser and Blue pay tribute to allophones

Bowser and Blue by Aislin.jpgTurbans, pasta, corruption. . . .there's a lot to talk about in Quebec in recent months. It's just fuel for fire for Bowser and Blue.

They've spent 35 years singing about Quebec's controversies and peculiarities - and they can't very well slow down now. With songs like "It ain't easy being white", "Les Deux Guidounes" and "We Are Townshippers", they make taboos into comic songs.

The duo has just released a new one about one of Quebec's three linguistic groups -- allophones. (See their new video, with cartoons and graphics by Aislin.)  They join Sonali Karnick in-studio.

(Bowser and Blue by Aislin; courtesy of Bowser and Blue)

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"Chuck's Day Off" cookbook

Chuck's Day Off.jpg
If you've seen chef Chuck's Hughes show on the Food Network, "Chuck's Day Off" you know it's not all about the recipes.  The viewer gets to see what Chuck is making but also who gets to eat those delicious dishes.

His new cookbook based on the TV show, "Chuck's Day Off", talks about the people in Chuck's life who help keep him and his restaurants up and running: from the suppliers and restaurant staff on the floor and in the kitchen to his dog walkers. It features recipes dedicated to those people such as garbage salad, hot dog risotto and maple tapioca.

Chuck talked about his dog and explained the concept behind "garbage" salad.
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Taking Back Time 3: Health

the-slow-fix.jpgPatience and relaxation are essential for good health, according to the unofficial ambassador of the Slow Movement, Carl Honoré.  He is a Canadian journalist and the author of a series of books on the Slow Movement including The Slow Fix

In part three of our series, Taking Back Time, the CBC's Elizabeth Robertson has been speaking to Carl Honoré about taking the slow approach to our health.

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Tourism Quebec: Sunday Update

Micheline Lachance from Tourism Quebec has more on this weekend's festivals in the province, including rodeos!

(Centre des Sciences and Old Port of Montreal)
On today until 5pm

For further details on activities, making accommodation reservations, getting information, visit 
Or call us toll-free at 1 877-Bonjour (1-877-266-5687)

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Four Rooms: buyers and sellers of family treasures

Four Rooms audition in Toronto.jpgThe upcoming reality series Four Rooms is described as a cross between Dragons' Den and Antiques Roadshow. Boiled down to its essentials, it's this: "four rooms, four buyers,four chances to make the deal of a lifetime."

The show is coming to CBC TV this winter. It's the Canadian version of a British series that's had a 2-year run on Channel 4.

CBC show producers are crossing the country right now looking for participants - and they're in Quebec this weekend and early July.

If you have a family heirloom - art or memorabilia - you're looking to sell, this may be the opportunity for you (see below).

Tracie Tighe is the executive producer of Four Rooms - as well as Dragon's Den on CBC TV.
She joins Sonali Karnick on the line from Montreal.

In-person auditions in Quebec:
Montreal: June 16th 10AM-3PM Hotel Place D'Armes, 55 Rue St. Jacques, Tango Ballroom
North Hatley, QC: July 6th 10AM-5PM North Hatley Antique Show, 3245 Capelton Road

Online auditions: Click here

(Above, Four Rooms does auditions in Toronto.)


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Tales from Odessa, the musical

Jonathan Eidelman & Gab Desmond_Tales From Odessa2_Photo by Andrée Lanthier.jpgOne of the most popular anti-heroes in Jewish literature is coming to the stage at the Segal Centre. 

The mob boss known as "The King" is a recurring character in a collection of short stories by Isaak Babel. Now he's also part of an original musical based on the stories called Tales from Odessa.

The story takes place just before the Russian Revolution. Benya "The King" Krik rules a gang of thugs and smugglers in the Jewish ghetto in Odessa. But the Revolution changes the direction of their lives.

The musical version, Tales From Odessa, was written by producer and rapper Josh Dolgin, better known as Socalled. Josh joins Sonali Karnick in studio. 

(Click here to read more about Josh Dolgin's trip to Ukraine and his notes on the play.)

(Above,Jonathan Eidelman and Gab Desmond in Tales from Odessa; photo by Andrée Lanthier, courtesy of Segal Centre)

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Jersey heirlooms in Percé

Maison LePage, Percé.jpgAbout 125 architecture buffs have been in the Gaspé this week, admiring the structural details of homes and buildings in the area. It's the first time the international Vernacular Architecture Forum has been held in Quebec.

Marian Kirkbride's home is on the tour. She's actually from the island of Jersey, the Channel Island that has ties with the region from way back.

She bought the historical Maison LePage in Percé 9 years ago - an instant decision based on what was inside the house, not the architecture. Marian Kirkbride collects Jersey-made mahogany furniture. She joins Sonali Karnick on the line from her Percé home.

(Photo of Maison LePage courtesy of The Canadian Register of Historic Places

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Ladies of the Canyon

Ladies of the Canyon.jpgMaia Davies is a singer and songwriter with the Montreal country-rock band Ladies of the Canyon.

Tomorrow afternoon, the Ladies are coming to the Folk Festival on the Canal - and Sonali Karnick will have the pleasure of introducing them there.

But first, she called up Maia Davies to talk about the band, as Maia prepared for their show in Toronto:

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Tourism Quebec: Saturday Update

Micheline Lachance of Tourism Quebec takes us through the festivals in the province this weekend, from cheese to kites to songs!

For further details on activities, making accommodation reservations ,getting information, visit or call toll-free at 1 877-Bonjour (1-877-266-5687).

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Grant Lawrence's musical road trip on CBC Music

Grant Lawrence with Library Voices at campfire.JPGCBC Radio 3's adventurous podcast host Grant Lawrence is on a cross-country musical tour. He's at the wheel of a Volkswagon Beetle Fender, and meeting up with artists for impromptu performances from coast to coast. This morning, he's at a café in Montreal, recording with Sam Roberts...and they may go out busking later on. Grant spoke with Sonali Karnick by phone. 

(Photo of Grant Lawrence with Library Voices at a campfire on Wascana Lake in Regina; courtesy of CBC Music.)

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Sharing the track with F1: Canadian Touring Car Championship

Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso aren't the only drivers at the Circuit Gille-Villeneuve this weekend.  The Montreal Grand Prix hosts 4 other races including the Canadian Touring Car Championship.

Teams in the CTCC come from all over Canada with many from Quebec. It's an amateur motor sports league with no prize money.  Montreal is the second stop on the schedule with races in Troi-Riveres, Mirabel and Tremblant still to come in the 7-week season.

Benjamin Distaulo is from Montreal and he's racing with Lombardi Honda this weekend and spoke with host Sonali Karnick before his race this morning.
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Gandell and Harris at the Montreal Fringe Fest

the-balding-poster-may-24-2013.jpgThe St-Ambroise Montreal Fringe Festival is back with its usual wild variety of shows - 111 this year.

The biggest category at the Fringe is English-language comedy, and this morning Sonali Karnick speaks with the creators of two of those one-man shows.

Jeff Gandell is a Montreal storyteller and teacher.
His show "The Balding" tells the tale of how he started losing his hair in his early twenties - and how he tries to stop the process by losing his virginity.

Verbal Diarrhea poster.jpgGerard Harris is a British storyteller,  and creator of this year's Fringe show "Verbal Diarrhea or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Bomb at Love."  His own comic quest is to find out what happened to dating. Jeff and Gerard join Sonali Karnick in studio.


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Taking Back Time 2: families

the-slow-fix.jpgIt's a feeling most of us struggle with -- the sense that there just aren't enough hours in the day. For the next few weeks on All in a Weekend, we're looking at a radical way to deal with that feeling; slowing down.

The CBC's Elizabeth Robertson has been speaking to Carl Honoré. He's a Canadian author, journalist, and unofficial ambassador of the Slow Movement.

Last week, we heard his ideas about taking a Slow approach to work.This week, Elizabeth is here to talk about his views on slowing down parenting.


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Tourism Quebec: Sunday Update

More festivals with Micheline Lachance from Tourism Quebec. Art, agricultural traditions, and lilacs are celebrated around the province.

On today

For further details on activities, making accommodation reservations ,getting information, visit 
Or call toll-free:1 877-Bonjour (1-877-266-5687)
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Fringe Fest Preview

You never know what you're going to get at The Montreal Fringe Festival but it's always something different.  Ticket prices are low and Indie artists are selected by lottery only  - so anyone can apply and they can present whatever they want. . . and they do.

Andrea Stanford is covering the festival for the website  She's also a former performer, we talked to her about her own Fringe show two years ago. Andrea did a show based on reading the embarassing bits of her teenage diaries.

She has a must-see list for shows and events at the Fringe Fest
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Roger McGuinn of The Byrds at Folk Fest

001_ROGER McGUINN jpg.jpg

Music critics say The Byrds changed the language of rock n' roll in the 1960s. With their blend of rock beats from The Beatles and that 12-string jangly electric guitar played by lead singer Roger McGuinn, their sound became known as 'folk-rock.'

Roger McGuinn is coming to Montreal for the Folk Festival on the Canal this Wedesday night.

At 71, the Rock and Roll Hall-of-Famer is constantly touring and he's got an on-going folk music project, the Folk Den.

Roger McGuinn spoke with Sonali Karnick on the phone from his home in Florida.

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Ormstown Fair and the 4H

The theme of this year's Ormstown Fair is anniversaries. The fair itself celebrates its 99th birthday and the 4-H club, which takes part, celebrates its centennial.

4-H Canada is one of the country's oldest youth organisations with a wide variety of projects and exchange programs. As they prepare for another day at the fair, we call up two 4-H'ers: one of the newer members of the Ormstown 4H club, along with a past president, at the fairgrounds. 

Ashleigh Cavers is in grade 5 and she is showing her calf this morning. She's also the club reporter and writes about the 4H "100 acts of kindness project." Angela Neal is a past president of Quebec 4H and has never missed an Ormstown Fair.

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Dr Mike Evans on joint replacement surgery


Many of us are now able to enjoy the great outdoors. But for people with joint pain, taking a summer walk or bike ride is easier said than done. Achey hips and knees can prevent some people from getting out the door at all. But when should they begin contemplating joint replacement surgery? Our house doctor , Dr Mike Evans, is here with his take on when it might be time consider it.

(CLICK HERE to see his video.)

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Tourism Quebec: Saturday Update

Whether you like racing cars, dogs or horses, there is an activity for you this weekend. Here are Micheline Lachance's top picks from Tourism Quebec:

For further details on activities, making accommodation reservations ,getting information, visit 
Or call toll-free: 1-877-Bonjour (1-877-266-5687)
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Martin Villeneuve on TED Talks

Mars et Avril.jpgIf you love hearing about new ideas, then TED Talks videos are for you.

TED is a non-profit whose mission is spreading ideas through exciting, short talks by some of the best minds in the English-speaking world.

The conferences cover a cornucopia of ideas in  technology, entertainment, design, science, arts, politics, and global issues. 

TED challenges thinkers and doers to give "the talk of their lives," in 18 minutes or less (and they're posted online at afterward). Big-name guests so far have included Bill Clinton, scientist Steven Hawking, Apple founder Steve Jobs, singer Peter Gabriel, and Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love.

Earlier this year, the first Quebecker was invited to join the prestigious conference series -- filmmaker Martin Villeneuve. His sci-fi film, Mars et Avril, had caught the eye of the TED curator. Mars et Avril is a love story set in Montreal, 50 years in the future, when the subway line talks you all the way to Mars.

Martin Villeneuve's TED Talk goes online this week. He joins Sonali Karnick with his behind-the-scenes look at the TED conferences and his talk there about how his creativity - and budget - were tested in making the film.

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Food banks need more help in the summer

This time of year, many of us are thinking more about barbecues, vacations and swimming pools than anything else.  But food banks are thinking about how they're going to get through the summer. Outside of Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter, donations to food banks aren't nearly as plentiful. But the need remains.

In some cases, there is greater need:  children are ending their school  year soon, and during the summer, they won't benefit from school breakfast and lunch programs that are often free of charge.
Fiona Crossling is the Executive Director for Share the Warmth, a community organisation in Pointe-St-Charles. (To find food banks close to where you live in Quebec, click here.) 

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Tourism Quebec: Sunday

The first bunch of June festivals have begun, and Micheline Lachance from Tourism Quebec is here to tell us about three of them:

International Mask Festival Masq'alors! (St-Camille, Eastern Townships)
On today   

Fugue en art  (Beloeil, autres municipalités dans la Vallée du Richelieu, Montérégie)
Through June 9th (weekends only)          

Montréal Bike Fest  (La Féria du vélo de Montréal)
On today

Map of the tour :  

For further details on activities and making accomodation reservations, go to, or call toll-free at 1 877-Bonjour (1-877-266-5687).


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YES Montreal Art Conference: job skills

Making a living as an artist isn't always easy.  While getting technical and creative training is important, business skills can also help. The Youth Employment Services 13th Annual Business Skills for Creative Souls Artists' Conference takes on that topic tomorrow. The workshops are billed as a "day of inspiration and information for artist-entrepreneurs" with speakers from multimedia company Moment Factory, musician David Usher, and singer-songwriter Jennifer Gasoi.
There is also a panel discussion on how artists can use their creativity and skills to be more visible.  On that panel is Montreal Gazette columnist, author and filmmaker Bill Brownstein, who spoke with Sonali Karnick about how to be more visible as an artist.

Howard Shrier's latest mystery, Miss Montreal

Howard Shrier's Miss Montreal.jpgHoward Shrier's new mystery novel Miss Montreal seems a little more like reality than fiction.

Private Investigator Jonah Geller is hired to help solve the murder of a childhood friend - an award-winning city columnist. The victim is found with a star of David carved into his chest.

Racism is just one of the issues in the story. Quebec's language tensions are also explored, and so is corruption (along the lines of the Charbonneau Commission).

Miss Montreal deals with the complexities of living in Quebec while weaving a suspenseful tale. There is, however, time for the characters to grab a smoked meat sandwich or two along the way.

After last year's Boston Cream, Howard Shrier joins Sonali Karnick to talk about writing a book about his hometown this time.

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Cooking with pictures

Je cuisine avec des images.jpg

We've featured a lot of cookbooks in our weekly food feature. But we've been excluding an estimated 1 in 7 people in this province. Those are the people that have a low level of literacy. Many of them are also intellectually handicapped.

But there's a new cookbook just for them - in French, but mostly in pictures. It's called Je cuisine avec des images. And one of its co-authors Ann Mitchell joins Sonali Karnick in-studio this morning.

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Taking Back Time, part 1

the-slow-fix.jpgSometimes it feels like our lives are just moving too fast, that we can never catch up - even on weekends.
It's frustrating and tiring.

Well, the madness stops here.

Over the next few weeks on All in a Weekend, we're going to take a closer look at how we spend our time  and how we can slow things down.

The CBC's Elizabeth Robertson will be helping us connect the dots. She spent some time recently talking with the guru of the Slow Movement, Carl Honoré.

The Slow Movement is an idea that spread around the world as a response to our fast-paced lives. It was Carl Honoré's first book In Praise of Slow  that put it on the map. Carl's latest book The Slow Fix, is about taking the time to solve problems.

Elizabeth recently spoke with the Canadian journalist and author, who was in the CBC studio in London, England. They started their conversation applying slow principles to time stresses at work.


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Tourism Quebec: Saturday

This morning, we're going on a weekend drive down the King's Road. Micheline Lachance from Tourism Quebec is here to tell us what we'll see.

The King's Road / Le Chemin du Roy (Lanaudière, Mauricie and Québec City)

Lanaudière: Maison Rosalie-Cadron (Lavaltrie) 

Mauricie: Boréalis, Centre for the history of the paper industry 

Quebec region: Aliksir, Distillerie et boutique d'interprétation des huiles essentielles

For additional info on the King's Road:

And for further details on activities and making accomodation reservations, go to, or call toll-free: 1 877-Bonjour (1-877-266-5687).

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