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Living English: Allophones

living-english-852.jpgIn CBC's Living English series, we've been looking at what it means to be an English-speaker in Quebec. We commissioned a poll to ask anglophones in the province about their experience but a sizeable group of Quebecers who use English every day were NOT captured in the poll.
Allophones,  people's whose first language is neither French nor English. Sonali Karnick spoke with two people who feel more comfortable in English than in French but who are not technically part of the anglophone community.
Shaheen Junaid Ashraf grew up in what is now Bangaldesh and came to Quebec in 1976. Pat Antoniwicz is a filmmaker originally from Poland.  They spoke with Sonali Karnick about where they see themselves fitting in and how they feel about the language issue in Quebec. 


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