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UNICEF's "Survival Gifts"

SurvivalGiftsHomepage_03.jpgThe Christmas catalog is still here, even in this online era. The old classic Sears Christmas Wish Book goes back to the 1930s, and it still gets sent out to homes every fall.

But there's a newer kind of catalog for gift-giving: gifts to charity for everything from protecting animals to the environment to the less fortunate.

UNICEF is one of the charities with an annual catalog for what they call "survival gifts".  You can choose things like anti-infection tablets, water purification kits, milk, soccer balls and storybooks and they go out to families in 72 countries. Some of them cost as little as $10 - the price of a stocking stuffer.

Sonali Karnick spoke with Sharon Avery, the director for development at UNICEF Canada.

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