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Leonard Cohen biography: "I'm Your Man"

Leonard Cohen book.jpgSylvie Simmons is a British rock journalist who's also done biographies of other iconic figures like Neil Young and Serge Gainsbourg.  Now she's taken on another cultural icon, Leonard Cohen.  I'm Your Man: The Life of Leonard Cohen is a thorough telling of his life and work and what still drives him to perform and create.

Many fans know the basics of Cohen's life:

 - his life in Montreal where he starts out as a poet in the 1950s.
- his escapade on a Greek island with Marianne.
- the mid-90s, when in spite of a best-selling album and a fiancĂ© who's a Hollywood actress, he retreats to a Buddhist monastery near Los Angeles.
- the early 2000s, when he discovers his manager has stolen almost all of his money, he re-starts his career with albums and a sold-out world tour in his 70s

Those are just the things that many of us know.

Biographer Sylvie Simmons is here to tell us about some of the things we didn't know - such as Cohen's interest in hypnosis, Scientology and the real title of the song "So Long Marianne".

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