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Alphée des étoiles

alphee.jpgA new documentary by filmmaker Hugo Latulippe has just opened in Quebec cinemas. He is known for his political films questioning the status quo including Bacon, the film, and What Remains of Us. This time, the subject is more personal, more intimate.

 Alphée des étoiles is a love letter to his daughter. Alphée is a joyous little girl with straw-blonde hair but she also has a rare genetic disorder that affects her neurological and muscular development. When her parents were told she would not attend regular school or develop normally, they decided to take a year off to devote it to her.

Hugo Latulippe, his wife Laure Waridel, their son Colin and Alphée all moved to a small village in the Swiss alps, to an unoccupied house owned by a distant relative and made this film.

Hugo Latulippe, along with his wife Laure Waridel who is an environmentalist and social activist herself spoke with Sonali Karnick.

(*See also: Radio-Canada's related web-documentary about four Quebec families whose children live with rare diseases.)

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