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Vladimir Horowitz Piano in Montreal

Vladimir Horowitz.jpgAs you heard last week on the show, Vladimir Horowitz's Steinway grand piano is in Montreal.  Horowitz is considered one of the greatests pianists of the 20th century. He was legendary for his tone and technique as well as his excitement when performing live.  Steinway pianos gave Horowitz the instrument in 1941 as a wedding gift and was the instrument he used the most in his career.

The famed grand piano  will be played by Concordia music instructor Yaron Ross on September 16th at the Oscar Peterson Concert Hall.
Steinway has allowed the piano to tour North America and only a select few concert pianists will get to actually perform with it.
Yaron Ross told Sonali Karnick what it meant to him to be able to play the Horowitz piano, which has a personality of its own.

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