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Richard Purdy: mirror art

nicolet cathedral by Olivier Croteau.jpgFor the past two years, an artist living in the Mauricie has invited visitors to splash about in his work.

It started in Shawinigan - where Richard Purdy's art installation used water to create a mirror floor ... and one big wide wet canvas that reflected the entire room.

Then, the Montreal Biodôme commissioned a similar project this summer. And made Richard Purdy their very first artist-in-residence.

He's now adapted his mirror floor for another installation - this time in Nicolet. It's called "Pleasant instruction" (or in French, "La groSSe plaisanterie").

The CBC's Rachelle Solomon was at the Museum of World Religions to visit the installation with Richard Purdy.  It's set up in a building across the street from the museum... and it's not at all what Rachelle was expecting...

(Photo above courtesy of Olivier Croteau)

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