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Mark Hamill a.k.a Luke Skywalker in the role of villain

James Duvall, Elizabeth Robertson, Mark Hamill.JPGFor many of us, Mark Hamill will always be associated with the archetypal hero: Luke Skywalker from the original Star Wars trilogy.

But in actual fact, he only spent a few years playing the saviour of the universe. Since then, he's specialized in playing bad guys - in the theatre, and in cartoons. He's been the Hobgoblin in Spiderman, The Trickster in Flash, and The Joker, in the animated Batman tv series and video game.

Now Mark Hamill is starring in a new movie called Sushi Girl. It's premiering at the Fantasia Film Festival tonight in Montreal (and in cinemas January 2013). And in it, Mark Hamill plays a villain who's creepy, sadistic, and... funny.

One of Mark Hamill's co-stars in the ensemble cast is James Duval. He plays another bad guy in the band of thieves who planned a diamond heist - but never got the diamonds. (You may also know him from the blockbuster "Independence Day.") 

Mark Hamill and James Duval join Elizabeth Robertson in studio for a rollicking two-part conversation!

(Above, from l-r: James Duvall, Elizabeth, Mark Hamill; Photo by Jason Boychuk)

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