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Dear Liar: the romance of G.B. Shaw and Mrs. Campbell

MrsPatrickCampbell-pre1897.jpgThe play Dear Liar tells the story of a 40-year love affair between the famous Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw and a colourful London actress.

Shaw fell in love with Mrs. Patrick Campbell, after seeing her in sevral plays.

He was married at the time, but it was Mrs Campbell that inspired a number of his female characters - including Eliza Doolittle from Pygmalion.

During their long affair, they wrote many letters to each other.

And those letters later inspired the play Dear Liar.

Now the play hits the stage at Theatre Lac Brome on July 6th - in a French version, and July 7th in the English original.

George_bernard_shaw.jpgThe two actors who play Shaw and Mrs. Campbell in both languages are two of Quebec's best-known and most celebrated actors in theatre, TV and film - Albert Millaire and Louise Marleau.

Sonali Karnick spoke with the two actors in studio before they head down to Theatre Lac Brome.

(Photos of Mrs. Patrick Campbell, above left, and George Bernard Shaw, right)

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