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Peter Yarrow : Still singing and speaking out

Peter, Paul and Mary at March on Washington.jpgThe very first album by folk trio Peter, Paul and Mary spent ten months on Billboard's Top 10 at the time, and the Top 20 for two years.

Their songs were anthems for activism and band member Peter Yarrow has remained a political and social activist to this day.

Last fall, Peter, his son and his daughter performed in the heart of the Occupy Wall Street movement in New York. One of his other recent projects is Operation Respect - a program that tackles intolerance and bullying in many American schools. He's still touring too, keeping alive the musical legacy of Peter, Paul and Mary. This coming week, he'll be at the Montreal Folk Festival on the Canal. We called him up in New York.

Here's Part 1 and 2 of Sonali Karnick's interview with Peter Yarrow.

Saturday Part1:

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Sunday Part2:

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(*Photo above, Peter, Paul and Mary at the March on Washington,1963 ; courtesy of National Archives)