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The Little Prince by Les Grands Ballets Canadiens

Didy Veldman with dancers.jpgThe Little Prince by Antoine de St-ExupĂ©ry has become a cult novel for readers around the world.

It's the story of an aviator whose plane breaks down in the Sahara, where he meets a little blond boy. It turns out the boy comes from Asteroid B-612, where he takes care of a rose that he loves. The boy and the man end up becoming friends as the boy tells him about other planets he's been to and what he's learned along the way.

There are Le Petit Prince translations in 210 languages and websites devoted to quotes from the novel.  But now, there's also an original ballet version of Le Petit Prince - without any words at all.

Didy Veldman created it for the Grands Ballets Canadiens. It opens this week at the Place des Arts in Montreal. She spoke with Sonali Karnick about the task of translating well-known words into steps.

(Photo of Didy Veldman, above left, by Jean-Laurent Ratel, courtesy of Les Grands Ballets.)

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