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Same Time Next Year at the Segal Centre

segal_sametimerun_0591.jpgAn accountant and a housewife meet at a hotel on a weekend in 1951 and they fall in love --but they're both happily married. They decide to meet for just one weekend each year and they do over a period of 25 years.

That's the story of the award-winning romantic comedy Same Time Next Year. Alan Alda and Ellen Burstyn played the couple in a 1978 movie. Tonight the play version opens at the Segal Centre.

plays George:  Thompson is a Gemini and Genie-winning actor, whom you may also remember as Jasper Dale from "Road to Avonlea".

Michelle Giroux plays Doris:  Michelle Giroux is a veteran of the Stratford Sheakespeare Festival and Broadway- as well as a graduate of Montreal's National Theatre School. 

Both actors dropped by our studio to talk with Sonali Karnick about their on-stage rendez-vous.  (Photo, above, courtesy of Segal Centre, by AndrĂ©e Lanthier)  


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