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The Hat Goes Wild: Guy Sprung's creepy (and ironic) movie debut

TheHatGoesWild.jpgDrugs, death and bikers aren't what Suzanne had in mind for her CEGEP graduation.

But in the movie The Hat Goes Wild, the main character Suzanne and her four friends set off on a post-grad camping trip that goes from bad to big trouble.

The story is told through the home video of Suzanne - the same sort of approach they took in the very scary The Blair Witch Project.

Guy Sprung wrote and directed the movie. He's also currently the Artistic Director of Montreal's Infinith√©√Ętre, as well as an actor and producer.

He spoke with Sonali Karnick about the many layers of irony - and fun - in making the movie.

(Click here to see the movie trailer.)


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