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Morrin Centre lecture - Virgin Mary saves New France from Brits in 1711

notre-dame-des-victoires.jpgThe Virgin Mary kept a watchful eye over Quebec City back in the day. In fact, the people of New France credited her with saving the city from a massive British attack.

In 1711, a British armada was crossing the Atlantic with nearly as many soldiers and sailors as there were people in New France. Disaster struck - one of the worst nautical disasters in Canadian history.

Charles-AndrĂ© Nadeau is giving a lecture on the historical implications of the shipwreck at Quebec City's Morrin Centre. He's a retired Naval Officer and historian. Charles-AndrĂ© Nadeau spoke with Sonali Karnick. 

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Photo of Notre-Dame-des-Victoires in Quebec City, which was named after the event. (Courtesy of Christophe Finot, Wiki Commons.)