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Adrian Anantawan : virtual music and adaptive instruments

bamfield_jpg_opt889x592o0,0s889x592.jpgViolinist Adrian Anantawan is the invited soloist at a concert this week with the Montreal Chamber Orchestra. He's not just your average virtuoso. Adrian was born without a right hand.
But he's managed to overcome that, and then some.

He's an award-winning musician who's performed as a soloist for orchestras across Canada - not to mention stints at Carnegie Hall, the White House, and for Pope John Paul II. The Globe and Mail called him 'a rising star in classical music.' Adrian Anantawan is also a national spokesperson for the War Amps of Canada devoted to making the arts accessible to everyone.

He co-founded a National Arts Centre training program for young musicians.
And he helped create what's called the Virtual Chamber Music Initiative. It allows handicapped music-lovers to experience orchestral music through a virtual instrument.

Adrian is currently at Harvard Graduate School researching the role of adaptive instruments. He spoke with Sonali Karnick.

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