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Hilary MacLeod : gossip and murder!

12557340.jpgThe small village in The Shores never had so much to gossip about. The cast of quirky but loveable characters in Hilary MacLeod's Shores mystery series is back. And they all take a crack at solving the murder of one of their not-so-loveable neighbours.

Hilary MacLeod's new book "Mind over Mussels" is set in small-town Prince Edward Island and there's a lot more going on behind the doors of the quaint houses of The Shores than meets the eye.

Hilary MacLeod knows PEI but she's also at home in Montreal - she lived here for many years and is a former CBC broadcaster. Her first Shores mystery won the CBC Bookie award for Best Mystery book (as voted in by CBC book club members).

She stopped by to talk about the new book.

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