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Johanna Skibsrud

skibsrud.jpgLast year, Johanna Skibsrud became the youngest writer to win the Giller Prize. She won with her novel "The Sentimentalists" - a book that had only had a few hundred copies printed to begin with - but became one of the best-selling novels in the country.

This fall, Johanna Skibsrud is back with a new work - a collection of short stories. It's called "This Will Be Difficult to Explain."

The stories take us travelling - and they tell us something about the author's own globetrotting... study in Greece and England, volunteer work on organic farms in Europe and New Zealand, teaching English in Korea, and working with young people at risk in Inuvik.

Now she's working on her PhD at the Université de Montreal. Oh, and she's also travelling back and forth to Tucson, Arizona! She and Sonali Karnick talk about how all that travel fed into her new stories.

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