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Yoga - Inspired World Travellers

gal_07.jpgIn a new documentary, Planete Yoga, Montreal filmmaker, Carlos Ferrand, takes a trip around the planet. He's on a quest to discover why traditional Indian yoga has spread around the world.

Among others, Ferrand follows a yoga prof travelling to Nunavut - who ends up teaching yoga to male prisoners in India. Then there's a father and daughter from Vancouver who leave their North American family behind. They live simply in India, dressed in saffron robes, the daughter picking up garbage in the street, her father sitting on a bed meditating for the past 38 years.

Ferrand also discovers that one of the first ambassadors of yoga in North America set up a centre right here in downtown Montreal. And he finds a yogi in India who brings the Occidental quest for materialism together with the Oriental desire for enlightenment.

Carlos Ferrand's film, Planete Yoga, screens this week at the Festival du nouveau cinema and opens in cinemas on October 28th. Here he is in conversation with guest host, Jeanette Kelly

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