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Surviving Progress Or Where Do We Go From Here?

In 2004 Canadian historian Ronald Wright, wrote  "A Short History of Progress" for the CBC Massey Series. His book explores humanity's "experiment with civilization." He's also lent his voice and ideas to the new documentary based on the book. It's called Surviving Progress.

tt.pngWright's radio lectures have now been turned into a smart and compelling piece of cinema by an experienced team, including executive producers Martin Scorsese and Mark Achbar - who made the critically acclaimed documentaries "Manufacturing Consent" and "The Corporation." Not to mention the participation in the film of Margaret Atwood, Jane Goodall, Steven Hawking and David Suzuki.

Quebec filmmaker Mathieu Roy co-wrote and co-directed with former Montrealler Harold Crooks. Crooks was also co-writer on The Corporation and writer for Bhopal: the search for justice."

Surviving Progress plays tonight at the Festival du Nouveau Cinema in Montreal - and opens in cinemas on November 4th.

Guest host, Jeanette Kelly, talked to Mathieu Roy and Harold Crooks.

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