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Whether or not you're a fan of cranberry sauce with your Thanksgiving turkey - you may be interested in two new guided tours around a cranberry bog. The tours take you right through the cranberry bogs of Canada's biggest grower and producer - Atoka Cranberries.

The Bieler family cranberry business is based in and around St-Louis-de-Blandford. This year for the first time, the nearby Cranberry Interpretation Centre is running tours of the cranberry bogs - and of the ecosystem that has grown up around them. And this is the weekend to go see them! There are acres of ruby red berries floating on the waters of the artificial bog created by the Bielers.

Marie Bieler has grown used to the sight - but still loves it. She's in charge of public relations for Atoka Cranberries. But she's also an agronomist - and the one responsible for the new guided tours.

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