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Tzeporah Berman tackles a crazy time

crazy time new.jpgTzeporah Berman is one of Canada's leading environmental activists. She has also been called an "eco-terrorist." William Marsden, the author of "Fools Rule: Inside the Failed Politics of Climate Change" describes her this way: "You can call Tzeporah Berman a crazy, tree-hugging jail-bird, eco-terrorist. But in today's world, it's just about the only honest job around."

In her two decades as an activist, Berman has fought to save over 12 million acres of endangered forests. She's campaigned against the controversial oil sands development... And she's made people dress up like puffins and march outside a cookie factory - a playful approach to a serious issue, as you'll hear.

Tzeporah Berman is now the Climate and Energy co-director of Greenpeace International. 

She's also the author of a new book, "This Crazy Time: Living Our Environmental Challenge." It's both a memoir and a guide for activists - written with the help of her co-writer, humourist Mark Leiren-Young. She spoke with guest host Jeanette Kelly about her career and about the need for the rest of us to push our government for change.

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