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John Diodati on house restoration

x_John_Diodati.jpgFor the next couple of weeks, The Montréal Architectural Heritage Campaign will celebrate the storied buildings and houses that make up the city. There will be activities at historical properties, museums, and churches - and walking tours and lectures.

John Diodati is an associate architect at Fournier, Gersovitz, Moss et Associés - which specializes in the restoration of historic buildings. And he'll be offering up his expertise in building preservation and restoration at the Pointe-Claire public library on Wednesday night.

His lecture focuses on what to do with older homes.  And since many of us in this province do live in older homes, we invited John Diotdati in to give us some pointers on  "How to decide what stays and what goes" (which is also the title of his talk).

Here's his conversation with Jeanette Kelly.

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