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The Barr Brothers

TheBarrBrothers_PressPhoto.jpgWe discovered the Montreal band, The Barr Brothers, last year with their first self-published album. It was a blend of indie-folk, African rhythms and blues, and Simon and Garfunkel-style harmonies.

On stage, the four musicians swapped instruments and teased beautiful atmospheric sounds out of not just guitars and a harp but lengths of (what seemed to be) fishing line too.

 Here in Montreal, The Barr Brothers also caught the attention of a local company, Secret City Records. Now they've polished up those original songs for a CD released by the label.

Andrew and Brad Barr visit with our host, Jeanette Kelly, in studio.

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Check out The Barr Brothers' "silent movie":

Royal Mountain Master Blues

Electric Tacklebox Guitar + String Bow Technique :