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Of Mice (Or Pigs) And Men

equus-e1313067175368.pngThe Segal Centre in Montreal is giving theatre-goers something to think about before they head to the theatre tonight and in the coming weeks. The Segal's newest production is the haunting, Tony-award-winning play EQUUS. As you may know, Equus is the story of a teenaged boy who purposely blinds six horses - and about the psychiatrist who's trying to figure out why he did it. To help audiences figure it out - there's a special lecture this afternoon by Eduardo Kohn.

He's an anthropologist from McGill University - and his research is not immediately related to Equus. But it may expand our understanding of our own relationship with animals. Eduardo Kohn will be talking about his research in the upper Amazon - and the connection between the Quechua people and the creatures of the rainforest.

 His travels there transformed his own understanding of our place in the world. He joins our guest host, Geeta Nadkarni, in studio.

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