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"Late Edition" With David Francey

DFrancey-LateEdition-Covera.jpgDavid Francey is a Juno-award winning folk artist for his previous 8 albums. He's originally from Scotland and now calls Ontario home, but he started his singing career in the late 1990s in Ayer's Cliff in the Townships. Until that time, David had worked in construction for 20 years. Storytelling is something he did on the side, in private.

He came to performing later in life - and with great humour and flair. His new album "Late Edition" is getting great reviews - for example, this is what Penguin Eggs magazine writes:
"Late Edition" is like spending a perfect evening, passing the time with a good old friend and a few glasses of a fine single malt, discussing love, the latest news, and life in general. "

David and Geeta get to do that right now, minus the whisky, of course!

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