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Pink Ribbons, Inc. : Consumerism for the Cure?

57943_02.jpgOne of the Quebec films heading to the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival -- or TIFF - is Léa Pool's documentary "Pink Ribbons Inc." It's written up in TIFF's programme as "profoundly troubling" - a 'devastating documentary about the industry and "culture" around breast cancer." It looks at how the breast cancer movement has evolved from activism to consumerism. And explores the impact of corporate involvement in fundraising for the pink-ribbon cause.

Léa Pool directs "Pink Ribbons Inc" - which is also the name of the book it's based on. Ravida Din is the producer and executive producer.

They join Geeta Nadkarni in studio to tell us about why we need to be a lot more cautious while raising money for the cure.

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