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Tzeporah Berman tackles a crazy time

crazy time new.jpgTzeporah Berman is one of Canada's leading environmental activists. She has also been called an "eco-terrorist." William Marsden, the author of "Fools Rule: Inside the Failed Politics of Climate Change" describes her this way: "You can call Tzeporah Berman a crazy, tree-hugging jail-bird, eco-terrorist. But in today's world, it's just about the only honest job around."

In her two decades as an activist, Berman has fought to save over 12 million acres of endangered forests. She's campaigned against the controversial oil sands development... And she's made people dress up like puffins and march outside a cookie factory - a playful approach to a serious issue, as you'll hear.

Tzeporah Berman is now the Climate and Energy co-director of Greenpeace International. 

She's also the author of a new book, "This Crazy Time: Living Our Environmental Challenge." It's both a memoir and a guide for activists - written with the help of her co-writer, humourist Mark Leiren-Young. She spoke with guest host Jeanette Kelly about her career and about the need for the rest of us to push our government for change.

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John Diodati on house restoration

x_John_Diodati.jpgFor the next couple of weeks, The Montréal Architectural Heritage Campaign will celebrate the storied buildings and houses that make up the city. There will be activities at historical properties, museums, and churches - and walking tours and lectures.

John Diodati is an associate architect at Fournier, Gersovitz, Moss et Associés - which specializes in the restoration of historic buildings. And he'll be offering up his expertise in building preservation and restoration at the Pointe-Claire public library on Wednesday night.

His lecture focuses on what to do with older homes.  And since many of us in this province do live in older homes, we invited John Diotdati in to give us some pointers on  "How to decide what stays and what goes" (which is also the title of his talk).

Here's his conversation with Jeanette Kelly.

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The Barr Brothers

TheBarrBrothers_PressPhoto.jpgWe discovered the Montreal band, The Barr Brothers, last year with their first self-published album. It was a blend of indie-folk, African rhythms and blues, and Simon and Garfunkel-style harmonies.

On stage, the four musicians swapped instruments and teased beautiful atmospheric sounds out of not just guitars and a harp but lengths of (what seemed to be) fishing line too.

 Here in Montreal, The Barr Brothers also caught the attention of a local company, Secret City Records. Now they've polished up those original songs for a CD released by the label.

Andrew and Brad Barr visit with our host, Jeanette Kelly, in studio.

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Check out The Barr Brothers' "silent movie":

Royal Mountain Master Blues

Electric Tacklebox Guitar + String Bow Technique :

Bonnie Ste-Croix

bonnie.jpgGaspé native Bonnie Ste-Croix has just been on the road trip of her life! Across Canada from Vancouver to the Maritimes -- with her kids and her household goods -- and stopping in each province to record a song with local musicians.

She's now touring the country with her album, Canadian Girl. Tonight, she's performing in her hometown. Jeanette Kelly caught up with her there, in our Gaspé studio. 

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Anita Rau Badami

Photo credit: Richard Max TremblayAnita Rau Badami grew up in India and moved to Canada in the early 1990s. She's lived in Montreal for several years now, but the winters don't get any easier. That dread of winter has worked its way into her latest - and fourth - novel "Tell it to the Trees."

A cross between psychological drama and suspense thriller, the book is set mostly in the winter, in an isolated house in the north of British Columbia.  There a close-knit, secretive family keeps to itself - until an outsider, a woman from New York City who wants to write stories, rents the small house behind theirs.

Anita Rau Badami spoke with Jeanette Kelly about the novel and her fascination with the darker side of things.

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Daniel Baylis @ Goats with the Wind!

israel18.jpgOur intrepid traveller, Daniel Baylis from Montreal, is in Israel this month. He's been travelling since January - one country per month, one volunteer job per country. When last we spoke with him, he was working at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. This time he's found himself a job in Israel at a place called "GOATS WITH THE WIND"! It's a goat farm and restaurant in the rolling hills of Galilee.

Jeanette called up Daniel in Tel Aviv.

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Philippe Couture

Later today, the State of the Arts Summit organized by Elan Quebec will feature two discussions about the place of the anglophone cultural community in the province. One of those panel discussions at the Atrium de la Maison du Conseil des Arts de Montreal is titled "Invisible or Too Visible?" It brings together the Gazette's Brendan Kelly, Janet Lumb from the Festival Acces Asie,  D. Kimm from Festival Voix d'ameriques, and Le Devoir's theatre critic Philippe Couture.

Amongst all the anglophone or allophone speakers, Philippe Couture is there to represent the francophone media.

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baby1.jpgLesley Everest works like a slave. No really. She's a doula -- a word derived from the ancient Greek word "doule", literally meaning "female slave". She provides non-medical support to women before, during and after labour. So getting screamed at or puked on at work is pretty normal for Lesley.

Lesley has been helping women give birth as a doula for almost two decades in Montreal. This month she even heads to Alberta to offer a training course in Edmonton.

She talks about the work of a doula with Geeta Nadkarni (who confesses to having a vested interest in babies these days!).

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For more info: Montreal Doula Care - MotherWit

Burgers, Ferraris and Porn

gad saad book.jpgWhat do all successful fast-food restaurants have in common? Why do men's testosterone levels rise when they drive a Ferrari or a Porsche? Why are women more likely to become compulsive shoppers and men more likely to become addicted to pornography?

These are just some of the questions Dr Gad Saad set out to answer in his book, "The Consuming Instinct: What Juicy Burgers, Ferraris, Pornography, and Gift Giving Reveal About Human Nature ".

Dr. Saad is a professor at the John Molson School of Business at Concordia University in Montreal. He deconstructs his theory with Geeta.

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Antiquarian Book Fair

IMG_0365_1.JPGThe Montreal Antiquarian book fair comes to town next Saturday and Sunday. More than 10,000 old or rare books - each individually curated by a specialist. ...Canadiana, cookbooks, children's books, military history, art books, books on antiques, poetry, maps and signed first editions.  With dwindling numbers of second-hand bookstores, this annual event has become a rare occasion to browse.

Adrian King-Edwards knows that more than anyone. He's one of the book fair's organizers - but he's also the owner of The Word Bookstore in the McGill ghetto. His bookstore has been desribed as 'cramped and quirky' - and carrying a "meticulous collection of high-quality books'.

Adrian King-Edwards joins our guest host, Geeta Nadkarni, in studio.


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New Iceland

gimli harbour.jpgThere's something about Iceland. 

Some of you may have felt its exotic pull. Nicolas Gouin certainly has. He grew up on the south shore of Montreal, but ever since he took a trip to Iceland, as part of a film crew, he's been hooked. A few of his photographs of Iceland are currently on display at the World Press Photo exhibition at the Marché Bonsecours.

But he's also made a film about another Icelandic community - in Gimli, Manitoba (Gimli harbour, above).

 New Iceland airs at the Cinematheque in Montreal on Monday. Nicolas Gouin spoke about this first chapter of his Icelandic sagas with our guest host, Geeta Nadkarni.

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Website Therapy

From bloggers to businesses-- it seems like everyone needs a website these days. And there are a lot of ugly ones out there. One Montrealer has made it her business to teach non-IT types the basics of building gorgeous functional websites. She's launched an online course called "The Girl's Guide to Web Design".

Amanda Aitken -- the girl behind the Girl's Guide-- joins Geeta Nadkarni in studio.

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La Fête de la Gastronomie Française

anne desjardins relais et chateaux.jpgOn Friday, September 23, Quebec celebrates French cuisine in seven Relais et Chateaux restaurants around the province - Montreal, Quebec City, North Hatley, La Malbaie and Ste-Adèle. This will be the first edition of an annual feast - la Fête de la gastronomie française. Similar events will be taking place at the same time in France.

The spark for this celebration comes from the recent UNESCO decision to put traditional French gastonomy on its list of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Anne Desjardins (left) is the chef and co-owner of l'Eau à la bouche in Ste-Adèle, one of the participating restaurants. Our guest host Geeta Nadkarni spoke with her about the event and her French-inspired menu ($100 for a 4-course meal with wine!).

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Tall ships

rigging.jpgThe tall ships are in port again in Montreal - offering us all the opportunity to dream about sailing the high seas.  But for the Lavoie-Roberge family, these ships are a reminder of a dream come true: their own travels at sea aboard their 35-foot sailboat.

Guy Lavoie, Claire Roberge and their daughters Chloe and Joelle sailed around the world together. They were away for five whole years.

Later this morning, they're giving a talk about those travels at the old port of Montreal.

Our guest host, Geeta Nadkarni welcomes in-studio Guy Lavoie and his daughter Chloe - who sailed away at 9 and came back at 14...and who is now at university!

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Being An Arab In Post 9/11 America

moheb.jpgToday is the 10th anniversary of 9/11. It's a day that carries a lot of significance for our next guest. Moheb Soliman is a poet and performance artist who's been in Montreal for 3 years. He was born in Egypt, and grew up in the American midwest. This week, he's performing a one-man show called "Habib Albi is... not a man." It explores how the events of 9/11 changed what it means to be Arab-American.

Moheb Soliman joins Geeta in studio.

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All Aboard The Charlevoix Rail Cruise

Photo Credits : Morelli DesignerEarlier this week, the new pulled away from the platform at the base of the Montmorency Falls, just outside Quebec City. The train is part of a massive project in the Charlevoix spearheaded by Cirque du Soleil co-founder, Daniel Gauthier. Gauthier has been investing in the region since buying the Le Massif ski resort in 2002.

The train brings tourists the 140km distance from Quebec City to LaMalbaie along the St Lawrence River. There's lunch and dinner served aboard, prepared by the chefs at The Fairmont Manoir Richelieu.

Rachelle Solomon from CBC Radio's Breakaway in Quebec City spent the day aboard the new tourist train. And the first of her travelling partners was Frederic Gonzalo, a Vice President with Le Massif`s executive team. At their table, an interactive map on an iPad tracked the journey and highlighted different points of interest and historical facts about the region.

Let's join Rachelle's ride, already in progress!

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Of Mice (Or Pigs) And Men

equus-e1313067175368.pngThe Segal Centre in Montreal is giving theatre-goers something to think about before they head to the theatre tonight and in the coming weeks. The Segal's newest production is the haunting, Tony-award-winning play EQUUS. As you may know, Equus is the story of a teenaged boy who purposely blinds six horses - and about the psychiatrist who's trying to figure out why he did it. To help audiences figure it out - there's a special lecture this afternoon by Eduardo Kohn.

He's an anthropologist from McGill University - and his research is not immediately related to Equus. But it may expand our understanding of our own relationship with animals. Eduardo Kohn will be talking about his research in the upper Amazon - and the connection between the Quechua people and the creatures of the rainforest.

 His travels there transformed his own understanding of our place in the world. He joins our guest host, Geeta Nadkarni, in studio.

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"Late Edition" With David Francey

DFrancey-LateEdition-Covera.jpgDavid Francey is a Juno-award winning folk artist for his previous 8 albums. He's originally from Scotland and now calls Ontario home, but he started his singing career in the late 1990s in Ayer's Cliff in the Townships. Until that time, David had worked in construction for 20 years. Storytelling is something he did on the side, in private.

He came to performing later in life - and with great humour and flair. His new album "Late Edition" is getting great reviews - for example, this is what Penguin Eggs magazine writes:
"Late Edition" is like spending a perfect evening, passing the time with a good old friend and a few glasses of a fine single malt, discussing love, the latest news, and life in general. "

David and Geeta get to do that right now, minus the whisky, of course!

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Anne-France-Goldwater.jpgQuebec now has its own Judge Judy. And her name is Anne-France Goldwater. She's the judge of a new reality show called "L'arbitre" on V télé. You may recognize the name of its star. Anne-France Goldwater - she's the lawyer who represented Lola in the epic cohabitation case of Lola and Eric that's now heading to the Supreme Court.

This new challenge - television - comes after 30 years of taking on many other big cases at her own law firm, Goldwater and Dubé. "L'arbitre" debuted last night on TV, and Anne-France joins Geeta to talk about the law, being a prodigy and balancing work and family.

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Interview on CBC's Q :

Jenn Hardy mommy blog

august-009-1024x680.jpgWhen Jenn Hardy started up her mommy blog, she had no idea it was going to be so successful - or so intense. Her blog follows her progress through pregnancy and new parenthood. Her daughter Amelee is now six months old. She'll be on the show to talk about holistic parenting and why some of her opinions have cost her friends.

Our guest host, Geeta Nadkarni, chats with Jenn about pregnancy, blogging and being a new mommy.


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World Religions After 9/11

It's been ten years since the fall of the World Trade Tower in New York City on September 11th. Many things have happened since then as a result of that harrowing day. And many questions remain.

This week, representatives of religions from around the world are gathering in Montreal for the second time since 9/11. That group will include the Dalai Lama, Nobel Peace Laureate Shirin Ebadi and author Deepak Chopra. They believe that since 9/11, religion has become a dirty word. And it is urgent that we do something about that perception.

Their host is Dr Arvind Sharma, a professor of comparative religion and a specialist in Hinduism, at McGill. He joins Geeta in studio.

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NOTE: Conference tickets are now being sold at half price and students with valid IDs can attend for $20

Foodie Culture

It seems that food is taking up more of the media landscape every day. We have multi-million dollar celebrity chefs, TV shows about everything from cupcakes to street food, glossy food-porn magazines, and more burger blogs than you could count. But what are we learning from all of this. That's the topic of a public conversation this Tuesday at the University of the Streets Café at Concordia University.

Derek Bocking is one of the speakers at the event. As well as being the sous-chef at Beaver Hall restaurant in Montreal, he's had first-hand experience with food in the media... He was a contestant on the first season of Top Chef Canada, and he joins Geeta to chat about food's place in our imagination.

You can also check out his yummy food blog.

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Roxham Woolgathering

For almost 20 years now, Susan Heller has been welcoming people to the annual Woolgathering event at Roxham Farm, near Hemmingford. Local artisans and chefs present their wares and offer demonstrations in the seven barns on Susan Heller's 1840s farm.

The baby chickens, baby ducks, some lambs, horses, and 5 pigs all roam free. And you're free to meet them too.

The arts and crafts fair is an annual pilgrimmage for early Christmas shopping expedition for others. You have fair warning: It's all coming up next weekend (Sept 10 & 11).

Susan Heller joins our guest host, Geeta Nadkarni, on the line from Roxham.

More information : 

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(We're told the best way to get to the farm from Montreal is to take Highway 15 south from the Champlain Bridge to Exit 6.  Follow Route 202 west to the T (Roxham Rd.). Turn left and follow the handmade sheep signs to the farm.  The trip from Montreal takes about an hour.)



25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

Well, it's back-to-school season - which means it's a perfect time for a musical about spelling bees!

The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee is a Tony-Award winning musical that's opening in Montreal on Wednesday night. The Montreal version is directed and choreographed by Nichole Carlone.

Nichole joins our Geeta Nadkarni in studio with Dane Stewart, who's one of the cast members.

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Pink Ribbons, Inc. : Consumerism for the Cure?

57943_02.jpgOne of the Quebec films heading to the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival -- or TIFF - is Léa Pool's documentary "Pink Ribbons Inc." It's written up in TIFF's programme as "profoundly troubling" - a 'devastating documentary about the industry and "culture" around breast cancer." It looks at how the breast cancer movement has evolved from activism to consumerism. And explores the impact of corporate involvement in fundraising for the pink-ribbon cause.

Léa Pool directs "Pink Ribbons Inc" - which is also the name of the book it's based on. Ravida Din is the producer and executive producer.

They join Geeta Nadkarni in studio to tell us about why we need to be a lot more cautious while raising money for the cure.

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The Other Montreal

top.jpgWhen we're going about our day-to-day life in the city, it can be easy to lose sight of the history that's all around us. But most of Montreal as we know it was built in the 19th century. And these Victorian influences are still peeking out at us all over the city.

On Sunday, Sept 4, the Montreal 19th-Century Metropolis Tour will be uncovering that era of the social history of the city.

Kate Browne is the guide for the tour, and she joins our guest host, Geeta Nadkarni, live in studio.

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