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MU's biggest wall art

oscar.jpgIt seems where ever you go on the island of Montreal these days, there is art springing up: At Habitations Jeanne-Mance, in the alley next to Espace Go on the Main, and lower down on Boulevard Saint-Laurent, where there is art-under-construction at the National Theatre School. That project is soon to be MU's biggest wall art yet -- a massive mural to celebrate the Theatre School's 50th anniversary.

MU, in case you've haven't heard by now, is the name of a non-profit agency whose mission is to bring living colour to Montreal's walls. Inspired by the Mural Arts Program in Philadelphia, MU's co-founders Elizabeth Ann Doyle and Emmanuelle Hébert went hat in hand to their old employer - Cirque de Soleil - to finance their first project in the borough of St. Michel five years ago.

muteam.jpgToday there is no stopping them. Mu and its crew have just finished a show-stopper in Little Burgundy, right across from the community garden at the corner of Des Seigneurs and St. Jacques.

That's where All in a Weekend's guest host Loreen Pindera caught up with mosaic artist Laurence Petit and MU's co-founder Emmanuelle Hébert.

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