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Rechercher Rejean Ducharme

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Quebec author Rejean Ducharme is known almost as much for the mystery surrounding his identity as for his work.

Ducharme published his first novel - l'Avalée des avalés (The Swallower Swallowed) - when he was just 25. He published three more books in the next three years. All four are considered to have made a significant impact on the Quiet Revolution.

But here's the thing.

rejean.jpgIn his 45 years of writing, Rejean Ducharme has never done an interview and we know almost nothing about him. So - for Ducharme's 70th birthday this week - Radio-Canada journalist Louis-Philippe Ouimet did some sleuthing.

And the results are all over the web, tv and radio this week.  Louis-Philippe Ouimet tells Monique about his project for Radio-Canada..

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