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August 2011 Archives

Montreal's Jewish Music Festival

The Music of Congregation Shaar Hashomayim, Vol. I: ShehecheyanuGideon Zelermyer is the cantor at the Shaar Hashomayim synagogue in Westmount. His voice has a lot of gravitas, so you might be surprised to learn that Gideon is only 35 years old, and the first album he ever bought was Michael Jackson's Thriller.

Gideon will be singing with the Shaar Hashomayim men's choir on Wednesday night as part of the second-annual Montreal Jewish Music Festival.

He spoke with guest host Geeta Nadkarni.

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Dr. Frederik Hiebert - a real Indiana Jones

indiana jones.jpgAugust is Archaeology Month - but you have until mid-September to see one of the splashiest displays of archaeology at the Montreal Science Centre. It's called Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology.

Dr. Fredrik Hiebert is one of the exhibit's curators. He's an archaeologist with National Geographic, and his own CV reads like an Indiana Jones movie script.

He's kicked up clouds of dust as an expert on the ancient Silk Road, and gone thousands of leagues under the sea looking for underwater treasure.

Dr Hiebert joins guest host Geeta Nadkarni on the phone from his home in Havertown, Pennsylvania.

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Canning at the Preservation Society

preserves.jpgCamilla Wynne runs a small pickling and preserving company in Montreal called the Preservation Society.

The beautiful amber, green, red and orange jars she prepares have tempting names like...apricot jam with honey and chamomille, lemon vanilla jelly, pink grapefruit marmalade, pickled watermelon rind and her crowd-pleaser dilly pickled carrots.

This week, Camilla gave a workshop  at the dépanneur le Pick-up. She spoke with guest host Geeta Nadkarni on All in a Weekend about making preserves safely - and with flair. 

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Resources recommended by Camilla:

Anarchy in Jars ; Food in Jars ; National Center for Home Food Preservation ; Preserve


Farewell to Jack Layton

saganash layton edited.jpgRomeo Saganash, the  NDP Member of Parliament for Abitibi-James Bay-Nunavik-Eeyou, shares his thoughts on his friend and leader, Jack Layton, as he heads to the state funeral in Toronto.  

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In the Kitchen with Stefano Faita

Stefano Faita has been a Quebec culinary legend for years now, with two hit French TV shows, two best-selling cookbooks and a cooking school to his credit.

stefano_tickets.jpgNow English-speaking Canadians are going to get a taste of the magic-- Faita has a new cooking show on CBC TV, beginning on September 19th.

Not to mention that tonight at 7pm on CBC TV, you can catch a documentary about Chef Faita and his family-owned Italian cookware store, Dante, in Montreal's Little Italy.

Stefano talks to our host, Geeta Nadkarni, about family food and how having a kid changed his cooking style.

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NDG Arts Week

NDG Arts Week


Singer-songwriter and social activist Paul Cargnello joins Geeta Nadkarni to talk about how a tiny weekend arts festival in Montreal's Notre Dame de Grace neighbourhood, became a week-long fundraising extravaganza.

He also shares the story of a memorable meeting with Jack Layton.


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Fly Me to the Moon

DSCN7478.JPGMyriam Lemelin, a student at the Universite de Sherbrooke, spent her summer helping NASA find possible landing sites on the moon.

She was the only Canadian to be chosen for this internship program.

Myriam tells Geeta about what NASA's looking for - and about her own specialty: one of the moon's most abundant rocks, ilmenite.

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Bertrand Tavernier at Festival des Films du Monde

tavernier.jpgMontreal's Festival des Films du Monde is a great opportunity to meet the world - on screen and in person. This year's festival offers the chance to share your love of cinema with Bertrand Tavernier - one of France's finest film directors, screenwriters, and producers.  He's the ultimate cinephile - a film critic, blogger and the author of several books on cinema.

At this year's  World Film Festival, Bertrand Tavernier is sharing six of his favourite films - forgotten classics - by French and American directors. He spoke with All in a Weekend's guest host Loreen Pindera.

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MU's biggest wall art

oscar.jpgIt seems where ever you go on the island of Montreal these days, there is art springing up: At Habitations Jeanne-Mance, in the alley next to Espace Go on the Main, and lower down on Boulevard Saint-Laurent, where there is art-under-construction at the National Theatre School. That project is soon to be MU's biggest wall art yet -- a massive mural to celebrate the Theatre School's 50th anniversary.

MU, in case you've haven't heard by now, is the name of a non-profit agency whose mission is to bring living colour to Montreal's walls. Inspired by the Mural Arts Program in Philadelphia, MU's co-founders Elizabeth Ann Doyle and Emmanuelle Hébert went hat in hand to their old employer - Cirque de Soleil - to finance their first project in the borough of St. Michel five years ago.

muteam.jpgToday there is no stopping them. Mu and its crew have just finished a show-stopper in Little Burgundy, right across from the community garden at the corner of Des Seigneurs and St. Jacques.

That's where All in a Weekend's guest host Loreen Pindera caught up with mosaic artist Laurence Petit and MU's co-founder Emmanuelle Hébert.

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Sunk in the Trunk

Lynne Cooper is Chilean AND Trinidadian AND Honduran and - at last - a Canadian. The Montreal clown and actor grew up all over South and Central America. That's where she studied Comedia dell'Arte and dreamed of working with Cirque du Soleil.

sunkinthetrunk.jpgHer life as an emigrant inspired her to write the show "Sunk in the Trunk." And like her life, it's been a work in progress over the past four years.

She's performing the two-person show on Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011, as part of the Festival Expressions Artistiques d'Ici et d'Ailleurs. The show is at 7 p.m. at Théâtre du Grand Sault at 7644 rue Édouard in the Montreal borough of LaSalle. Reserve your free ticket at (514) 367-5000.


Here is Loreen Pindera's conversation with Lynne Cooper.

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Arundel's 100-Mile Harvest Supper

arundel100mile.jpgThe fall supper: It's a tradition that predates Thanksgiving in many rural Canadian communities.
   A reason to come together in the waning days of summer, to celebrate the harvest.

   In the Laurentian village of Arundel, they are resurrecting that tradition, with a twist. Villagers are getting ready for their second annual 100-Mile Harvest Supper -- a mix of autumn feast and fair, community celebration and consciousness-raising as well!

    Everything served at this community feast on Sunday, September 4th, 2011 can be bought or made with foods from within a 100-mile radius of Arundel. Some of the local producers will have booths there as well. And celebrity chef Vladimir Jean Baptiste will demonstrate his talents (see photo from last year's feast!)

  Tickets are $15.00. To reserve them, call one of the organizers of this year's 100-Mile supper, Elizabeth Hutchinson at 819-687-8219.

 Listen to All in a Weekend's guest host Loreen Pindera in conversation with Elizabeth Hutchinson.


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Quebec Garlic Festival

Quebec-grown garlic is not what you usually get at your grocery store.

Local varieties are quite different from what we've grown used to -- the bulbs shipped in from California and Turkey and China.

garlic.jpgBut the local varieties are what the is all about! The fifth annual edition of the festival was scheduled for Saturday, August 20th at the Saint-Anne-de-Bellevue Farmer's Market.

The festival is the place to go to find out what makes garlic good for your health, to learn to braid garlic -- even to try your hand at making a garlic dessert!

All in a Weekend's guest host Loreen Pindera spoke to the garlic festival's founder, organic farmer Daniel Brisebois.

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The Evil Eye - Mal'occhio

malocchio.jpgAgata de Santis grew up in an Italian community in Montreal always hearing about the Evil Eye - Mal'occhio.

She wasn't a believer, but she was intrigued. She didn't know what exactly the Evil Eye was.

She set about finding out for her television documentary Mal'occhio. It aired on CBC TV's summer series CBC Montreal Presents on August 20th.

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Journalist and author Gil Courtemanche died Thursday night at 68 years of age.

He became a journalist when he was barely 20. Over the years, he built a reputation as an analyst of international politics for various media.Having worked for many years for Radio-Canada and for Le Devoir, he wrote his last column for that newspaper in June of this year, as he struggled with cancer.
gil-courtemanche-rwanda_8.jpgHe wrote about famine in Ethiopia, war in Lebanon and genocide in Rwanda. He wrote his first novel about the crisis in Rwanda, Un dimanche à la piscine à Kigali. The book was translated into 23 languages and inspired the 2006 movie "A Sunday in Kigali."
Author and broadcaster Stanley Péan was both a friend and a fan of Gil Courtemanche.
Listen to his interview with All in a Weekend's guest host, Loreen Pindera.
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(UPDATE) Montreal clown wows in Edinburgh

Thumbnail image for Swamp Juice edited.jpgAt the beginning of August, we spoke with Montreal clown Jeff Achtem about his shadow puppet show Swamp Juice at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Here's how The Edinburgh Reporter describes it... "Sell your souls to Satan, pawn the Pekinese, put your kidneys up on ebay but just find money enough to secure tickets for an unforgettable Fringe show family phantasmagoria. Yes, the google-eyed, dickie-bowed Canadian Professor of Anarchy, Jeff Achtem (Bunk Puppets & Scamp Theatre), is back in town with 'Swamp Juice' along with his washing-line imaginarium of shadow puppetry and an ecstacy of incredible 3D applied eccentricities."

You can hear the interview in our Past Episodes (August 6th).


Open-air Orientalys

Orientalys_intro.jpgThis weekend in Montreal, the Festival du Monde Arabe presents - for the first time - an open-air version in Parc Lafontaine.

It's called Orientalys.

This morning, we'll mee Sabah Lachgar - a Montrealer who grew up in Morroco and who's performing tonight at the festival.

Sabah loves to bring together a wide range of music, from her own traditional Moroccan music to flamenco to La Bolduc!

Listen to her conversation with fill-in host Monique Lacombe.

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A new film festival in Lac-Brome!

ET film fest.jpgLater this week, Lac Brome will raise the curtain on the first-ever Eastern Townships Film Festival.

Bohdana Zwonok and Pepita Ferrari were inspired by all the film talent in the area - and got a lot of help from their film-making neighbours in putting the festival together in less than three months.

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Pure porcelaine perfection

porcelaine.jpgAfter thirty years of making white pottery, Louise Bousquet discovered a new way to work. 

She fell in love with porcelaine dishes - the kind usually only made at an industrial scale in massive kilns. 

The adventure cost her hundreds of thousands of dollars but Louise persevered and now makes her own white porcelain in her small workshop in Saint-Jean-Baptiste, Qc.

(It's part of the Econo-museum network in Quebec, so you can go watch her at work.)

Louise Bousquet tells her story to Monique Lacombe.

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Rechercher Rejean Ducharme

rejean ducharme.jpg

Quebec author Rejean Ducharme is known almost as much for the mystery surrounding his identity as for his work.

Ducharme published his first novel - l'Avalée des avalés (The Swallower Swallowed) - when he was just 25. He published three more books in the next three years. All four are considered to have made a significant impact on the Quiet Revolution.

But here's the thing.

rejean.jpgIn his 45 years of writing, Rejean Ducharme has never done an interview and we know almost nothing about him. So - for Ducharme's 70th birthday this week - Radio-Canada journalist Louis-Philippe Ouimet did some sleuthing.

And the results are all over the web, tv and radio this week.  Louis-Philippe Ouimet tells Monique about his project for Radio-Canada..

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ONE-DAY VAY-CAY : Dinner in the Sky

dinner in the sky.jpgToday on our One-Day Vacation series, we're featuring an unusual dining experience.

It's called Dinner in the Sky.

And it is, literally, that - 22 people sitting around a table in the sky, with a handful of chefs preparing them a gourmet dinner.

This moveable feast  has just wrapped up in the Quebec City area but there are more dinner dates coming up in Montreal.

Jean-François Grenier - the man who brought Dinner in the Sky to Quebec and North America - talked to Monique Lacombe about the cutlery-rattling experience. 

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Sandcastles in the Magdalen Islands

In the begininning...there was sand. The beautiful long white sandy beaches of the Magdalen Islands. They were the inspiration for a sandcastle contest that has become an institution on the islands.

The annual gathering celebrates its 25th year this weekend, and Albert Cummings and Nicole Gregoire will be there digging.

The couple started the contest and told Monique Lacombe why they - and so many others -still love the event.

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Lavender fields forever

lavender flower.jpgThis summer on All in a Weekend, we've been talking about the different ways of taking a one-day vacation in Quebec.

This week on One-Day Vay-Cay, we make a day trip to the lavender fields of Bleu Lavande in the Eastern Townships.

Guided tours, live music, cooking-with-lavender classes, the Bleu Lavande bistro, picnics and massages -- a true one-day vacation. You can even take a long walk in 60 acres of lavender.

Pierre Pellerin says walking in those lavender fields and inhaling the aroma changed his life. Monique Lacombe called him up at Bleu Lavande in Fitch Bay.

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Pass the Cup

Bergeron with cup (cbc).gifL'Ancienne-Lorette's Patrice Bergeron will get some more quality time with the Stanley Cup today.

The Boston Bruins centre was part of the team that won this years' cup. That means he gets to bring it home to share with the fans.

Before he brought the cup to fans in Quebec City's old port on Sunday at noon, Monique spoke with him about what the Stanley Cup means to him. 

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Globetrotter Daniel Baylis in Edinburgh

globe.jpgMontrealer Daniel Baylis is travelling the world, 12 countries in 12 months - and one volunteer project in each country.

We last caught up with him in Casablanca, Morocco. Now he's working at the prestigious Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland.

Monique called him up during a rare break.

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Archaeology month at Pointe-du-Buisson

archaeology dig - dusting.jpgEarlier this week, Monique Lacombe went searching for treasure at the Pointe Du Buisson archaeological museum and dig site.

Artefacts found there over the last 25 years tell the story of the people who lived in there area as long ago as 5000 years.

You and your family can go digging there too - for real artefacts. August is Archaeology Month in Quebec.

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Return of the Route Bleue paddler

route bleue.jpgLast week we introduced you to David Hill, a teacher at John Abbott College who planned to paddle around the island of month with six others.

They were following the new Route Bleue, 15 maps of 150 km of shoreline.

After spending five days in the waters and wilds of Montreal,  David Hill returns to the All in a Weekend studio to tell Monique about his adventures.


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Clowning around with shadow puppets

Swamp Juice edited.jpgMontrealer Jeff Achtems' life has taken a major turn since he got his biology degree from McGill University.

He's become an international performer - a clown and a puppeteer.

In a way, he's still doing what he always did as a kid in B.C. when he'd play around with objects and take things apart.

It's play that he takes very seriously these days. The craft of clowning is now his career and his latest show has taken him to the prestigious Edinburgh Fringe Festival once again this year. 

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