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Veggies on the roof

Mohamed Hage is the president and founder of Lufa Farms. It's a hydroponic farm on the rooftop of an industrial building in Montreal. The farm is 31,000 square feet and feeds around 2000 people.

This might sound very familiar to you because Mohamed was on the show last week. But we asked him to come back on Sunday because we didn't have time to ask him everything we wanted to know about his farm, and because the last time we spoke, he was about to fly off to the Netherlands.

He told Elizabeth about his trip.

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Lufa's Basil Cucumber Mojitos

2 oz light or dark rum, or more
1/2 oz maple syrup
1 oz fresh lime juice (we use "Don Limon" brand organic limes, about 1 lime a drink)
5 leaves fresh basil, stems removed
1 lebanese cucumber, chopped
Generous amount of ice
Soda, to top

Unless you have a cocktail set, we like to make these in mason jars with screw-top lids. Start with the maple, the basil, and the cucumber and "muddle" (smash) the three together with a heavy wooden spoon or a potato masher. (We recommend you do this outside) Add the rum, the lime juice and a generous amount of ice- the lid should be a tight fit for all the ice.
Shake vigorously for about 30 seconds, and then remove the lid. Top with soda the brim, and enjoy.