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Summer in Quebec

Happy July 3rd!

We're definitely into summer now. It's time to relax, barbeque, maybe start your holiday...

So today we called up a few of the people who've contacted us over the years - just to see how they plan to spend the summer ahead.

Karena Meyers spends her summer on a vineyard.

La Chapelle Ste-Agnes vineyard in Sutton is a family business. And Karena - who is actually a civil engineer and marketer by training - commutes back and forth between Montreal and Sutton and pulled off the road to talk with us.

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If you look at a map of Québec, about three quarters of the way up, on the lower tip of Ungava Bay, you'll find Kuujjuaq.

That's where Louise Simard lives. And of course, summer there is a very different experience. For example, the ice has only recently melted away on the river that runs past town, the Koksoak.

Louise works in purchasing for the Kativik Regional Government. And since Kuujjuaq isn't linked to other towns by road, summer is a busy time for shipping. So Louise is another person spending the summer hard at work.

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In the winter, Dave spoke with Diane Skinner of New Carlisle about a book she co-authored called "G is for Gaspé."  It was a beautifully illustrated book using scenes from the Gaspé for each letter. We reached Diane at home and she told us about her plans for the summer.

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Donald Fyson is a history professor at Laval University. We spoke with him last week about the 19th century prison at the Morrin Centre in Quebec City. But this weekend, he was a free man -  camping near Kamouraska with his wife.

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