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June 2011 Archives

Buck 65's "20 odd years"

buck 65 edit.jpgCanadian hip-hop artist Buck 65 has released a new album titled 20 Odd Years.

It's a tribute to two decades of being - as the Montreal Mirror puts it, "one of Canada's most intriguing musical curiosities."

Buck 65 is performing in Montreal on Sunday as part of the Jazz Festival, and in a couple of weeks, he'll be in Quebec City at the Festival d'été.

Elizabeth Robertson spoke with him in-studio.

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New gaol exhibit at the Morrin Centre

morrin gaol again.jpgThe Morrin Centre in Quebec City is known for its beautiful old library, but back in the early 19th century, it was a prison.

It was, in fact, the first gaol in Canada to follow John Howard's idea that, instead of "houses of detention," there should be "houses of correction."

Well-known prisoners included writer Philippe Aubert-de-Gaspé and journalist and patriot Etienne Parent.

If you visit the common gaol today, you can see the cell blocks and imagine what it was like to be locked up - and waiting for the hangman.

This weekend, our fill-in host Elizabeth Robertson spoke with Donald Fyson, a Laval University historian who's working on a book about the prison.

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A curious philosopher

aliceagain.jpgJustin Smith is a philosophy professor at Concordia University.

He keeps a blog that outlines not only his academic research - but his musings.

He ponders everything from the protocol of the double-cheek bisous to the Twitter scandal of New York congressman Anthony Weiner.

It's all fodder for a curious mind. But Justin Smith believes that 'curiosity' is, sadly, no longer valued by philosophers.

He recently wrote about that loss of curiosity in a New York Times article.

And that made us... a bit curious.

We called him up at the The Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey, where he is spending the semester.

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1 year, 12 countries and 12 volunteer projects!

daniel of arabia.jpgHave you ever wanted to drop everything and travel around the world?

That's what Montrealer Daniel Baylis is doing - one country per month, one volunteer project per country.And he's blogging about it at  so we can all tag along.

 This week we called him up in... Casablanca!

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Elizabeth Robertson guest-hosts this weekend

elizabeth2.JPGDave's feeling under the weather this weekend, so Elizabeth Robertson is filling in for him on All in a Weekend.

You may have heard Elizabeth on CBC Radio's C'est la Vie, where she tells stories about life in French-speaking Canada.

Elizabeth grew up listening to the Quebec Community Network in Quebec City. Now she's worked on every CBC Radio One show in the province!

A couple of days ago, Elizabeth celebrated her win of a New York Festivals Radio Award for Best Narration for her documentary "Malcolm." (Her producer offered her the flowers you see in the photo.)

Here's what's coming up on the show!

  • Hip hopper and CBC host Buck 65
  • The charming and knowledgeable Katie Malloch - host of Tonic on CBC Radio - with a musical primer on the Montreal Jazz Fest.
  • Tales of hangings and prison breaks out of the old gaol in Quebec City's Morrin Centre, as told by historian Donald Fyson
  • Concordia University philosopher Justin Smith on the decline of curiosity in the field of philosophy
  • And globetrotter and blogger Daniel Baylis on his year-long voyage of discovery - he's currently in Casablanca!

Paul Almond - The Survivor

the survivor book.jpgPaul Almond's historical novel The Deserter landed just three notches below John Le Carré on the Montreal Gazette's best-seller list this fall.

The book tells the story of his Gaspé ancestor who jumped ship in the Baie des Chaleurs and began a new life there.

Paul Almond only became a novelist in his 70s. For decades, he was an award-winning TV and film director and producer. He was one of Canada's pioneers, best known for his film trilogy in the 60s and 70s starring his wife at that time, Geneviève Bujold.

Now at 80, he's turned to writing novels. The latest in the Alford saga series is The Survivor - just out this month. 

Listen to Parts One and Two of Dave's chat with Paul Almond: 

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The Words of Jane Austen

jane_austen.pngThe brains behind some of the world's dictionaries gathered at McGill University this week.

People who work in anything from English to Cayuga to Russian to Sanskrit.

They're called the Dictionary Society of North America.

Rod McConchie is a senior lecturer at the University of Helsinki - though he's originally from Australia.

He's currently working on a dictionary of Jane Austen, among a variety of other wildly different projects.


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David Sherman produces his first album at 59

David Sherman photo.jpgDavid Sherman is a journalist, a producer, a filmmaker, and now - at 59 - a singer.

He's been writing songs for years, but singing them to an audience is a new and pretty scary experience.

His first collection of songs, "If I Could Run" is available on iTunes. 

David Sherman talks about making music on All in a Weekend.


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"Gerry" screenplay by Nathalie Petrowski

Gerry film.jpgThe movie"Gerry" premiered across Quebec this week. It's the story of Gerry Boulet, lead singer of the hard rock band Offenbach in the 1970s and 80s and a hugely successful solo performer.

Boulet lead a hard life and died young, of cancer, at 44.

La Presse columnist Nathalie Petrowski wrote the screenplay about this iconic Quebec figure for "Gerry".

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The Future of the Dictionary

170px-Wiktionary-logo-en.pngCorinne Kirchner says lexicographers are remarkably welcoming to internet-spawned language and are beginning to study such online sources as the Wiktionary and the Urban Dictionary.

Kirchner came to McGill University this week for a meeting of the Dictionary Society of North America.

Language, grammar, and syntax are all changing quickly and continuously, and Corinne Kirchner says that's exciting. Her field is the Sociology of Language at Columbia University. 

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Violinist Andréa Tyniec

tyniec3 edited.jpgShe's a rising star in the music world, but she hasn't forgotten where she's from. 

Classical violinist Andréa Tyniec has studied and performed mostly in Europe and now lives in Toronto, but this weekend, she's returned home to her hometown, St-Jean-sur-Richelieu.

Andréa will play on the soundtrack of Denis Lepine's documentary about the volunteers who have helped clean up damage caused by flooding in the Richelieu Valley this spring.

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Standup Comedian Dan Bingham

When Pierrefonds native Dan Bingham talks about his childhood it's painful, moving - and funny. Adopt This! hits the stage at this year's Montreal Fringe Festival. 

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The Big Cleanup - volunteers head to St-Jean

lauren in St Jean.JPGSome four thousand volunteers are heading to the Richelieu Valley today and tomorrow to help residents clean up in the flooded zones.

Among the volunteers is a group of staff and students from McGill and Concordia Universities.

Lauren Mandelker (left, centre) is a student at Concordia, where she's also part of an ongoing Emergency Response Team.

Dave called her up just before she boarded the bus to St-Jean-sur-Richelieu. Lauren also passed the phone to fellow volunteer Yulia Kondratenko, who teaches classics and modern languages at Concordia.

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The Big Cleanup - the Smith brothers in Noyan

sleepy hollow.jpgBrothers Daniel and Randy Smith own the Sleepy Hollow Campground in Noyan and their waterfront property has been severely flooded by the Richelieu River.

Since water levels started to drop, Daniel's been hard at work fixing up the campground and redoing the floors and walls of their restaurant. Randy - who's a volunteer firefighter - also helps out in the community, hoisting sandbags and calming nerves just by stopping by for a chat.

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The Big Cleanup - Denis Lepine's documentary

volunteers.JPGDenis Lepine is a veteran TV producer and director who lives in Mont St Grégoire, about 15 minutes to the east of the Richelieu River valley.

His home and studio aren't flooded - but he remembers very well his own brush with environmental disaster during the 1998 ice storm, how communities came together when faced with disaster. 

That's why he's out there today filming the volunteers for his documentary S.O.S. Richelieu.

(Photo of volunteers gathering in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu for La Grande Corvée this weekend. Taken by the CBC's Jesara Sinclair.) 

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The Big Cleanup - Craig Robinson

Four thousand people have descended on the Richelieu Valley  to help clean up after the worst flooding in 150 years.

Craig Robinson lives in Lacolle.  His house became part of an island community when the river overflowed. This morning, he tells Dave about his family, his neighbours, and how he got the kids to school in the tractor's shovel.

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Shirley Steinberg in Bangkok

bangkok boats.jpgMcGill anthropologist Shirley Steinberg has a quirky, opinionated take on contemporary pop culture and doesn't mind travelling the world lecturing about it.

Her latest tour includes Vietnam and Thailand. Dave caught up with Shirley in Bangkok.


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Tim Belford says goodbye to Quebec AM (Part 2)

Belford.JPGIn Part 2 of our farewell interview, Quebec AM host Tim Belford talks about his travels in Quebec, his scariest interviews and the words he invented behind the mic (watch out for falling 'rice'!).

Tim Belford retires in July after 21 years hosting Quebec AM.

Dave called him up in the CBC Radio studio in Sherbrooke.


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Marie-Eve Munger - "Diva from the Saguenay"

But she's a diva in the best sense of the word.  Marie-Eve Munger is a very young soprano of prodigious and already ripe talent. The Jonquière native is making an impression in the big leagues of opera - Paris and New York. She started her chat with Dave by talking about her love for Russian composer Sergei Rachmaninov.


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Mikael Colville-Andersen, founder of Cycle Chic

sticker.jpgThis week Montreal joined the Cycle Chic movement.

It's a worldwide committment to bicycle riding in the city - in style and free of sports gear.

Mikael Colville-Andersen is the founder of the movement in Denmark.

He's also a journalist, film director and photographer.

It was one of his photographs that actually set in motion the Cycle Chic movement - they call it The Photo That Launched A Million Bicycles. 

   (Image, above - a Cycle Chic sticker.)

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Tim says goodbye to Quebec AM (Part 1)

Belford.JPGIt's time to say goodbye to a familiar voice on the Quebec Community Network.

Tim Belford is taking his leave.

The co-host of Quebec AM - which broadcasts to the province outside of Montreal - made it official earlier this week. After 21 years behind the microphone, Tim has decided to take off his headsets for the last time.

We thought we'd call him up during his final weeks in hopes of eliciting some tear-soaked, maudlin, mawkish, regret-ridden farewell.

That's not Tim's style. He's going out in a blaze of stories!


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Andrea Stanford - Diaries at the Fringe

stanford.jpgIt's a sure sign of summer in Montreal - The Fringe Festival.

There are 2 unshakable rules the Fringe follows:
1. Low ticket prices.
2. No censorship.

Andrea Stanford takes rule 2 to heart in her comedy show, "Verbal Diary-ah: Confessions of an awkward teenager." It's a very candid public reading of  the juicy and mortifying passages of her teenage diaries.

Full disclosure: Andrea works with us at CBC but moonlights as a stand-up (because it's not always funny at the office).


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The Canucks and the Bruins, Game 2 Preview

It's June and we're still hockey mad in this country. 5.6 million Canadians watched the Canucks beat the Bruins 1-0 on HNIC Wednesday night. That's a record audience for an NHL broadcast. Game 2 i s tonight and nowhere is hockey fever higher than Vancouver. Rick Cluff is host of the Early Edition, CBC Radio's weekday morning program in Vancouver.
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