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The Pantry Part 6 -- Pickles

pickles in studio.JPGWelcome back to the Pantry, where we have a plate full of pickles. But the smell of vinegar is, mercifully, very subtle.

We meet Stelio Perombelon, the chef at Les Cons Servent. (The name of the restaurant is a pun. It sounds like the French word for pickles, les conserves, but can be roughly translated to "idiots wait tables.")

Now, Les Cons Servent may have a playful name, but Stelio is serious about pickles. He shows us how he make pickled onion.

And in studio Dave meets the pickle patriarch of the Mrs. Whyte's pickle company.

Simon Witenoff is part of a long line of master picklers in the Witenoff family.
He sold Mrs. Whytes about 15 years ago. But pickling brine seeped its way into Simon's veins, and he just can't stop pickling.

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