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The Pantry Part 5 -- Pigs

2photo.jpgThis week the pantry is looking a little like Lord of the Flies.

We have a sliced, rolled up pig's head. A plate of piglet liver pâté. And a stuffed pig's stomach.

We're talking about pigs, and the people who love pigs enough to skip the grocery store and the butcher. They make their own meat products -- starting wiht the pig from the farmer, and ending up as charcuterie on the plate.

Jennifer Warren drops in on Jessica Mudry, food scholar and mom of two who buys whole pigs from a farmer in Kingston and makes her own sausages and Italian charcuterie.

She does all of this from her duplex in Petite-Patrie. It's not unusual to find part of pig hanging in her powder room. 

And Derek Dammann, Chef at DNA Restaurant in Old Montreal, stops by the studio.

Homemade charcuterie is a cornerstone of DNA's menu. It's a restaurant where pretty much any part of the pig could show up on your plate.

Derek thinks it's not only delicious to venture beyond ham and bacon. He says we also have a moral obligation to use the entire animal.

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