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The Pantry Part 4 -- Pasta

Mike finished cavatelli dish.JPEGWhat's in the pantry this week?

Well, it's time to loosen the old belt...we have several plates of homemade pasta

Jennifer Warren visits Michele Forgione, the new chef at Koko Restaurant at the Opus Hotel.

Michele shows us how he makes traditional Sardinian Cavatelli.

As you can see in the picture, he serves it in a tomato sauce with some sauteed eggplant and spinach.   Delicious!

And pasta maestro Philip Coloccia drops by the studio with enough pasta to serve the entire Italian football team.

Phil is the owner of Pates Fraiches Coloccia in Montreal. From his unassuming little storefront on Jean Talon Street, he and his family churn out over 50 different kinds of fresh pasta.

And it ends up on the plates of restaurants like the Ritz-Carlton and the legendary Da Emma in Old Montreal.

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